Mellany Witt / Press

"Where can I get my hands on your cd? Your music is so good. So many folks missing out!"

Benoit Eudes - MySpace

"First one minute of listening and I got glued to you page... Enjoying the beauty of your wonderful voice Mellany and Watching through the Fog at the moment..."

RS Mahmood - RN

"Mellany Witt is such an astonishingly original artist. She brings so much inherent and unique talent to the table. As an artist, she has gifts that are just unbelievable. For example, her vocal. No one can sing like Mel. I think she can insert her vocal into any genre format and she will shine! Add to that her musicianship and incredible songwriting skills and you have a rare commodity. A really well rounded excellent artist. Gifted. I'm just amazed by her ability and potential."

Rick Frost - RN

"What's the word for songwriting and musicality that come together effortlessly to break your heart with bittersweet poignancy? Oh yeah - Mellany :) What a gift this artist is!"

Joe Williams - RN

"Love you songs and vocals. What a sexxy sultry voice on "Unsuitable"!"

Ricky Alan Ray - RN

"Watching The Fog" shows off your sweet and scrumptious voice. Your music shows that you put your heart into it. You are a unique and talented artist!"

Cyclops Cow - RN

" Wow! Amazing voice and writing, I can def hear the Lennon influence:) What a talented solo artist you are..."

Chris Cugene - RN

"Blazing originality and a unique sound that you want to here over and over. These songs are so well written and performed. I think we are listening to someone who will someday be a household name - she's that good!"

Rick Frost - RN

"Your songs are brilliant!"

Cyclops Cow - RN

"Sounds good. You have some interesting music & lyrics. Definitely an original sound."

Carl Grimes - RN

"What an impressive,urgent voice..."Unsuitable" has evergreen flair. Fantastic song."

Leon B - RN

"I love love love your music and your music style! I am definitely a fan."

Emily Randolph Music - RN

"Watching The Fog is excellent, lovely delicate guitar and superb atmospheric dreamy vocals."

Last Day On Earth - RN

" Unsuitable got my attention from the beginning! Great instrumental with addicting vocals.. Love the lyrics of this song!"

J & E Productions - RN

"Just wanted to say that your music is an inspiration for many, and I hope it truly leads you somewhere. Just keep it going"

Benoit Eudes - MySpace