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"Our next guest was a newcomer to the Kashmir Klub, and an incendiary one at that: MELISSA REAVES, it would be fair to say, knows her chops! Her guitar playing is furiously rhythmic, her command of echo pedals (enabling her to sample herself, building up layers of funkiness) is awesome, and her voice has power in reserve, possessing an incredible, visceral attack; the combination of these elements reminded this listener of Janis Joplin, backed by Curtis Mayfield. Through the four songs she played for us, Melissa moved across a variety of moods, mostly up tempo - although her album Sentimental Anthem shows she can handle slower material with equal aplomb. A truly original talent, we hope Melissa will come back soon."

Kashmir Klub Fan | London, UK

"Melissa Reaves has crossed countries and oceans to play but Boone keeps calling her home"

"She may have started belting it out at 18, but, like a cabernet, her vocal chords have only gotten better with age and experience. "

“With six albums to her credit, Reaves has the proof that she's put in work to continue to develop as an artist...With a personality that seeks out the thrill of the moment while performing, one would expect every show to hinge on the reaction from the crowd...”

"She sings the blues-all heart and soul...Melissa delivered the goods and shook the place."

Rob Bloom - Manhattan Mirror ~ NYC

“BMI's 2006 Austin City Limits Music Festival stage proudly spotlights some of the country's best, from nationally touted songwriters and performers to promising up-and-comers. Whether touring as a solo act or with members of her band, the Willys, the response is invariably the same; as Charlotte, N.C.'s Creative Loafing put it, "Reaves will electrify any audience and send chills down your spine."”

"If you haven't seen her, you should know that Melissa Reaves is one of the most energetic musical souls gigging around this part of the country..." Melissa Reaves E-Interview

“In 1999, Melissa won the Lilith Fair Talent Search for the Charlotte area. She took the stage at Tremont Music Hall by storm and blew the crowd away. Melissa is well-known for her electrifying performances which leave her fans screaming for more. Her performance at Lilith Fair was incredible, and Melissa ended up on the main stage at the end of the night and truly brought down the house.”

“Austin City Limits Festival Preview”

"The four lead tracks of her debut CD give a well-balanced taste of the diversity and drive Melissa and her band possess."

2003 - Forum Magazine

"An electrifying singer who redefines the blues."

The Times ~ Trenton, NJ

"Reaves will electrify any audience and send chills down your spine." Charlotte, NC

Creative Loafing ~ Charlotte, NC