Melissa Buys / Press

“💦 Weeping Skies 💦 adore your cinematic style Melissa. Cross rap with your beautiful voice and keys is AWESOME!!! Lots luv * Patricia”

“I recently produced a very talented singer in my town. Her name is Melissa Buys and she has an awesome voice. Check it out. It's a truly epic rock track. [Nice, Shiny and Good] I used "hybrid-mix technology" so a lots of tweaking was done outside the computer. Do you hear the difference?”

"This Night"...Melissa...this song goes straight to my heart and I know will stay there. You are wonderful!


“Thank you for your support. It is very much appreciated. What a Sweet Vocal and Tone. Great Piano Playing. A Nice Light touch. Good arrangements, Music and Progressions here. I just pushed PLAY ALL and ENJOYED. Some picks:This Night, I Can't Hear You, You Touch My Soul, I Still Cry and Tell Me Why...........Tony”


“Take Me Home is a hot track I like your style & sound Keep doing what u do best”

“really fine sound you have here. well crafted!! g”

“Nice music honest and from the heart.”

“You have a lovely sound. You remind of a tad of Alanis Morsette. Love "Take Me Home".”

“You've got that urgency in your voice. Good songs, too. Particularly like "I Still Cry".”

“Continue to make great music...but most important of all...have fun doing it...Glad that our paths have crossed”

“Love the vocals with the piano dancing around it. Very moving voice. I felt that...”

“Powerful, Melissa! I really enjoy your songs. Certainly an Alanis influence there that I really enjoy! Production values are top notch too.”

“Incredible sound. Heavy guitars in the background, with beautiful piano playing and vocals on top.”

“Wow! Sounds like Sarah [Brightman] meets Alanis [Morissette]:)!!!”

“I am totally entranced by your wonderful sound and style! Your vocals are superb and your music sublime. Awesome talent with so much creativity!Totally loving this!!!”

“Beautiful Vocals Melissa and Excellent production. 100 % TRAXIS APPROVED & ENDORSED. Sincerely, FREDDY B”

“Your music is very interesting and has a power of its own. Keep singing and I'll keep listening :) Whitney”

“Melissa has a great voice and songs. Good Production quality. We certainly recommend a listen to these great songs.... AWE”