The Melismatics / Press

“The Melismatics are just so palatable that even the most sour critic will have a tough time not becoming enamored with their irresistible brand of indie pop.”

"Four stars. Seek this band out. Trust me."

The Daily News (Pittsburgh/Philadelphia)

“How good are they? The Melismatics have created the soundtrack for spring”

“I join an army of music critics across the nation waking up to the band’s charisma.”

“They might be the one to bring new wave back to the top of the charts”

Illinois Entertainer

“All pop music should be this good........ I defy you to find a band that puts together a tighter set.”

"Listening to their new album, MANIA!, can be compared to taking part in a spelunking adventure where on the surface the song may seem ordinary, but it contains so many layers -- gems hidden amongst other gems."

"It’s the sum of all of its parts that gives The Melismatics their unique, tight-knit style"

"Those lucky enough to experience The Melismatics show at the Senate Jan. 15 walked away knowing that the future of indie rock is in good hands."

"The Melismatics are an energy-laced rock band breaking ground but holding to the rock spirit, with a great sound, superb production values and wunderkind music writing skills."

“They remind us of a combination of a 21st-century Blondie and a room full of bouncy balls. The Melismatics have only been on the music scene for a few years, but have already garnered the attention of big-name producers and have been featured on a handful of MTV shows.”

“Their latest release MANIA! has the quality to make them a huge commercial success. ...vocal hooks that make for a very addictive dance record. The Melismatics are now catching a fire with their latest release MANIA!”

“The Melismatics played St. Joe’s beloved rock bar like it was Wembley Stadium; their command of the stage is unmatched by anyone I’ve seen play the on The Vous’ stage, easily blowing away that next closest competitor. The Melismatics were a great live band and I was a huge dumbass for waiting so long to see it for myself.”

“With edgy and energetic shows heating up with undiluted charisma and passion, Minneapolis-based rock band The Melismatics pioneer their way ahead with a dynamic, ever-shifting sonic landscape. While the band’s latest and fourth album, “The Acid Test,” touches in 80s new wave and post punk-influenced power pop realms, their sound is constantly growing.”

“Perhaps the most buzzed-about band at this year's festival, the Melismatics earned a vote-in slot at this year's Lollapalooza. The group's energetic, postpunk-informed rock tunes alternate male and female leads that occasionally hook up for impregnating harmonies. ”

"....arena-sized modern rock sound and songs."

“Motivated... charismatic... Melismatic There's one guarantee: Whether The Melismatics are playing in front of thousands of music fans or a few guys in a bar, the band plays with the same passion. ”