The Melillo Brothers / Press

"WINNERS of the 2010 Emergenza National Music Finals, representing the U.S. in Germany - The Melillo Brothers!"

“It is so rare now-a-days to find such a young artist with an enormous amount of talent and ability. He's bound to go far. ”

Wayne Warnecke, President of Segue Records - Just Gettin' Started Review

“17-year old Anthony Melillo is first to be No. 1 on the Alive with Clive Top 20 Chart established to create a CD to be sold to raise at least a billion dollars for AIDS victims in South Africa.”

Clive Swersky, Host & Producer, Alive with Clive Turning Your Passion Into Profi - Press Release

“This music has a refreshing honesty and real emotion. The Melillo Brothers write from the heart and sing with great passion.”

Marcus Cheong, Producer - Angels The Musical - Album Release Review

“Every once in a while, a talent comes along and everything clicks - voice, lyrics, music, performed by young men who make it all look so easy - -Be on the lookout for The Melillo Brothers - singer/songwriters who bring together all the elements of great original music, beyond their young years!”

Anton Evangelista, President of Comprehensive Films - Album Release