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Melia / Press

“The sky-busting lead guitar work is deft and deadly, and there is an excellent cross section of styles”

“While her wild purple hair is an attention grabber, it’s her powerful voice that will catch you first and pull you in for more. With a new EP “Skeletal Remains” out now it is clear that there is no stopping the momentum Melia has going for herself.”

“Melia is clearly a rising star, having already won an Indie Channel Songwriter’s Award for her self-penned “Just A Bride.” Clearly influenced by the likes of Green Day, Joan Jett and Girlschool, Melia’s music came across a lot like Evanesence, minus the overbearing pomp. Cranking her Gibson Les Paul through the Eddie Van Halen signature model EVH amp, the guitarist took several finger-tapping solos.”

“Melia Maccarone on guitar and vocals, kicked off the show with a rocking rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Melia was no nonsense on stage”

“Melia Maccarone, 20, makes music that makes waves. The local singer-songwriter began playing guitar when she was 16. In the four years since, she’s used Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and more to build a fanbase that has taken her to the No. 1 spot on the musician social network ReverbNation’s list of local alternative rock artists. In April, Melia won awards for Best Female Rock Artist and Best Rock Song and Song of the Year for her “Just a Bride” at the 2012 Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. She was a finalist for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for her EP, “Soundproof Walls.” ”

“Overall, Soundproof Walls is a well produced EP that is exactly what's needed from today's alternative rock singers. After listening to droves of female vocalists across multiple genres, Melia is by far one of the best singers I've heard out of them all. I'd recommend this artist and project to anyone looking for great melodies, music and vocals.”

“Melia Maccarone of Rochester, a 2009 graduate of Spencerport High School, was a big winner at the 2012 Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, California. She won awards for Best Female Rock Artist, Best Rock Song for “Just a Bride” and Song of the Year for “Just A Bride.” She was also a finalist for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for her EP “Soundproof Walls.” A panel of music industry professionals chose the winners”

“The album's title track, "Soundproof Walls", is an amazing display of talent, passion, and creativity that commands your attention as soon as it begins. The music production is incredible and puts Melia on a level that is very deserving of international exposure and success. The vocal performance and songwriting are masterfully done and give any of the female rockers currently on the top of the charts a run for their money. This song is great and I'd recommend everyone take a listen.”

“Paramour on adrenaline! Powerful vocals and tight music. Great lyrics!!!”

“The production on “Soundproof” is gloriously vibrant; the music almost leaps from the speakers. It’s absolutely appropriate, as there’s nothing lo-fi or half-hearted here. Melia’s songs are focused and vivacious, falling somewhere between the naïveté and pop thrill of early Blondie and No Doubt’s Jamaican infused bombast. Surely it can be no coincidence that “I Wanna Be Your Girl” brings out Melia’s inner Gwen Stefani. It remains a highlight of the seven-track set, though there’s no shortage of competition. “Checking Out” possesses a great vocal hook and serious guitars; “Sleaze Parade” is complex and technical, and thoroughly enjoyable. “Stay” indicates a talent for balladry, which might come in handy, should the mainstream come calling.”

“Melia is not content trudging through the trenches as an underground gem and, in her case, I think that’s a good thing. She’s got the whole package in terms of her skills, writing, and looks; I’m sure she’ll hit hard when she’s noticed by industry suits, but I hope she stays true to the underground because that’s where longevity and artistry lives. ”

“Melia is a young punk-rock goddess from Rochester, NY. She started playing guitar 3 years ago and now fronts her own band and shreds on her Silverburst Custom Les Paul from dusk ’till dawn. Her music is polished punk in the same vein as modern Green Day and her recordings are well-produced performances. ”

“Melia is a lead-guitarist and vocalist, but most importantly of all, she is a genuine artist, able to combine her individual talents by writing great songs. I don’t doubt that some will dismiss her on the basis that her take on rock is catchy and accessible, but hopefully she will stick to her guns and just produce the music that feels right to her. Those prepared to give Melia a chance could very well be hearing a rock-star in the making”

“Alternative American rock with a big future lying in wait. No matter how impressive and well implemented the guitar playing, nor how competent the songwriting, the vocals could make or break Melia as a front-woman. Fortunately, she succeeds in this respect too, sounding a little like the aforementioned Johnsson and Clarkson but possessing an intense rawness that is lacking in both, the occasional snarl creeping into her authoritative, personal delivery. .”

“I am different because I am a female lead guitarist and there aren't many out there right now that also write their own music and lyrics. I bring a different sound to the industry. I have a very grungy, distorted, dissonant, in-your-face sound with catchy melodies and honest lyrics. My songs have a lot of meaning which I think the current Rock/Alternative scene lacks sometimes. ”

“Now 19 years old, this Rochester musician is an incredible guitar player, despite the fact she's only been at it for three years. After the initial Green Day epiphany, mom and dad still made her wait two more years before letting her take up the instrument, just to be sure. "I think that's what made me so motivated," she says. "I think I was just so motivated to make up for lost time. I worked at it really hard. My guitar teacher told my dad I was a natural, and that inspired me even more and I started playing three to four hours a day. In the summer I'd play six to eight hours a day." ”

“That's not to say that stepping into the spotlight as a female lead guitarist is always easy for her. "A lot of people don't believe I can play until they see me, and I think that's completely different from when a man says he can play — everyone just believes him," she says. "A lot of times I really have to prove myself to people, and I think that's just because there's not a lot of female lead guitarists, which is another reason I wanted to do lead. It bugged me that a lot of girls were always playing bass." ”

“My songs always have some sort of message behind them. I’m not afraid to admit to the world that I’m depressed, sad, or confused because I think a lot of people are. I’m not gonna write a happy song if I’m not happy. I also wouldn’t write a sad song if I wasn’t sad. It just doesn’t make sense. I think writing about what I’m going through gives people hope because its real. It shows them that they’re not alone in this world. That’s the real purpose behind me ever starting music. Not just to send a positive outlet for myself but to give people around the world an outlet. There’s a lot of music today that lacks truth as far as emotions go. There are a lot of artists who have someone writing for them. How could my fans look up to me for my music if I am not the one writing it or if someone told me what to write about? I’m not perfect and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m human.”

“Melia Maccarone always liked to sing, but for a long time, "I was afraid to do it in front of people," says the 18-year-old Gates resident. And even though she started playing guitar in the 11th grade, she didn't play in public. But after graduating from Spencerport High School in 2009, she became serious about pursuing music. "My determination finally broke the fear, and I advanced quickly because I wanted to make up for lost time," says Maccarone, who has since performed her alternative rock set at several local bars.”

“Melia has great songwriting ability, both melodically & lyrically. Strong female lead guitar riffs, supported by complimenting bass lines and drums. ”