Meldrum / Press

“MELDRUM are back and they are taking no F@#%^KIN' PRISONERS!!! The band's highly anticipated sophomore release, "BLOWIN' UP THE MACHINE" is packed and loaded with enough balls to the wall rock firepower to flatten an entire city! ”

“Strong music throughout with killer vocals and a bitchin' overall performance makes Meldrum one of the surprise acts of the year. I can't wait to hear more! And, unlike most of the bands I have heard recently in which the live performance far outshines the studio material, Meldrum shines in both. ”

“The energy & aggression simply drips from this record like sweat of the back of a buffalo with a female soon-to-be companion in clear view ”

“Meldrum was the next band up and, when the three women who make up 3/4 of this band took the stage, one couldn't help but wonder how heavy they would be. That was soon proven quite clearly when the band ripped into power riffs that shook the Ventura Theater's very foundations.”

“It’s solid, nothing more and nothing less, and proves that girls can ROCK.”