Melanie Rose Dyer / Press

“It was those influences from Bonnie Raitt that made enjoy what Melanie has recorded! ”

“Melanie is not an Artist just hoping she knows real music!!”

“Eleven songs are lyrically bursting with emotions and sincerity..Melanie Rose Dyer has delivered a successful album than definitely deserves your attention.”

"She reminds me of a mix between Peggy Lee with her pop origins and Bonnie Raitt with her bluesy sound. She delivers a fine CD that is worth owning. Never heavy, not too sweet Melanie's deep and powerful vocals rise above the music and soar to an warm and inviting groove. "

"The Long Way Around" has been a long time coming. But is well worth the wait..."

“Tom Rush played "What an Old Lover Knows," a new song by a writer he discovered - Melanie Dyer. When Rush alerts us to a new songwriter, we'd be well advised to pay attention. He proved this as early as 1968, when he introduced a few other songwriters who did rather well...”