The Meishlunday / Press

“On behalf of our Westfield State Alumni who returned to campus last weekend, I wanted to thank you for your (as always) INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE!! Good luck with your studio sessions and tour....we look forward to your return for Homecoming 2012 on October 20!”

Kathi Bradford (Director, Alumni Relations) - Westfield State University

““Homecoming 2011 at Westfield State University was welcomed with a frightful blizzard on October 29th, but the fabulous sounds of The Meishlunday were enough to keep the cold away! Attendees gathered in the tent and kept warm by the heaters while they enjoyed food and drinks and listened to the smooth sounds of this amazing group. The band’s energy, upbeat attitude, and melodic beats kept everyone’s spirits up despite the nasty weather Mother Nature bestowed upon us. We are thrilled to welcome The Meishlunday back to Westfield State University this June for Reunion Weekend and they will make a return appearance this October as they once again join us for Homecoming 2012.” – Kelly Galanis, Associate Director of Alumni Services, Westfield State University Alumni Relations”

Kelly Galanis, Associate Director of Alumni Relations - Westfield State University (MA)

"The Crowd interaction from The Meishlunday was phenomenal as lead vocalist Stephen Jenkins sang directly to several children!"

Samantha Brewer - The Chronicle

"The Meishlunday performed an amazing set, and was loved by all!"

Samantha Brewer - The Chronicle

““...the sound was great , the music was great and they will be back with friends.””

Kevin Thropp - Rockability Mountain Meltdown, 2011

"The Meishlunday was a great addition to the 2011 Capital Region Buddy Walk. Having The Meishlunday perform at the event complimented the theme of this year's Buddy Walk, which was Community; individuals with Down syndrome and their families, young and old, enjoyed the live music."

Lisa Connally, Buddy Walk Chair - 2011 Buddy Walk

"We thought that the band was great! We also received compliments from other people that attended the event. The kids and self advocates seemed to enjoy them too as many were gathered and dancing. Further, we thought the variety of songs they played appealed to the entire crowd, young and old."

Lisa Connally, Buddy Walk Chair - 2011 Buddy Walk