Mehran / Press

“A strong case is easily made for Mehran as a musical visionary with prolific six string ability that floats effortless over his own work while remaining an intriguing musical enigma.”

“Mehran’s skillful guitar work and imaginative compositional approach shine through, however, resulting in an intriguing mélange of romantic, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian, smooth jazz, and experimental themes and tonalities with a political edge.”

“Mehran’s soloing covers a lot of ground, but even in the quickest passages, it’s melodic. The solo on “Korean Soup” mixes his flamenco skill with jazz harmony where he solos flawlessly over nice changes. Same can be said for “The Oblong Box,” which is a melding of styles. “Minds Eye” is a solo piece that shows masterful chordal work and single-line soloing.”

“Totally consistent beginning to end, Subterranea is an exquisite, beautiful and brilliant album that is way beyond compelling and casts a magic spell that is impossible to resist. You will want to listen to this album again and again. If the previous album, Angels of Persepolis, was outstanding, Subterranea is sheer unadulterated genius.”

“It's easy to recommend Angels of Persepolis to anyone who appreciates outstanding acoustic/classical/flamenco guitar playing, but there's enough ensemble work going on here to please jazz, prog, and World Music lovers alike. Mehran is certainly a force to be reckoned with on the flamenco guitar scene. ”

“Mehran’s Angels of Persepolis is a delightful journey through one man’s musical history and personal passion. Guitar players and those who love guitar will be pleased and entertained by this wonderful performance. Recommended!”

“I mean, it doesn’t sound like anything I own. It doesn’t sound like Zappa, Chet Atkins or even Al Di Meola. But, I can say this, there’s lots of beautiful guitar playing on “Angels Of Perepolis” and if you’re a fan of flamenco or guitar you should definitely check it out. ”