Meghan Cary / Press

“Can the world stand one more storytelling troubadour? If the artist in question is Cary, the answer is a resounding YES.”

Billboard Magazine

““Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter, Meghan Cary, is a beacon of light in the world of female folk music.””

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll beg for more.”

Dave Menconi - The News and Observer

“A poetic flair reminiscent of the initial efforts of The Indigo Girls and Shawn Colvin. Seek this one out.”

Billboard Magazine

“Meghan Cary writes great songs and puts them across with integrity, beauty and class. And that is equally true of her ballads and her high-energy numbers.”

Jon sobel - Kozmicblues.net

“A musician who went to college to be a biomedical engineer? "I had a crisis of left-brainedness," says singer/songwriter Meghan Cary as she describes how she came to abandon the sciences eventually to pursue the arts. She moved on to studying theater, performing in shows and doing voiceover work. It wasn't until after her husband, a musician with whom she'd sometimes sing back-up for, passed away that she reached for his guitar as a way to heal. Her journey through healing and starting again has become the music that many people have come to listen to and love.”

“She jokes at several points in the recording that many of her songs end up being sad ones, but it works remarkably well for her. Whether it be her well-chosen words or the incredibly sincere tone of her voice, when Cary opens her mouth to sing, you believe what she has to say.”

Valerie Marino - The Cary News

“Of the many independent releases that I've received for review, this is one of the very few that I expect to listen to many times for pleasure.”


“When Cary steps barefoot up to the microphone, she has the attention of the entire room.”

The Cary News

“As refreshing and smooth as the finest whiskey money can buy.”

The Global Muse

“It’s every headliner’s nightmare: the audience being more entertained by the opening act. Halfway through Todd Rundgren’s set at the Whitaker Center last fall, I left. It wasn’t that his performance wasn’t enjoyable. Sure it was. But 30 minutes earlier, opening act Meghan Cary had managed to pry open the rain clouds with nothing but six strings and a heart. Where her arms couldn’t take her, she used her angelic voice to reach; it reached the rest of the way into heaven. I was captivated. (Excerpt from: "Hometown Girl Makes Good" Singer-songwriter Meghan Cary Dares To Onion Dream) ”

by Benjy Eisen - Mode Weekly

“Cary is a star waiting to happen!”

Barry Fox - The Patriot News