Megan Sidwell / Press

"Forever on a Sunday... Five tracks of country pop goodness, a presence that lingers long after the 20 minute run time and an incredibly polished sound for a first release."

"Five heel-clicking, heart-tugging country-pop tunes, with their catchy choruses and confessional lyrics, is an impressive introduction" - re: Debut E.P, Forever on a Sunday.

Paula Yeoman - Living Magazine, New Zealand Herald.

“Megan has all the characteristics most people in this game are missing - a great voice, great songs, and a grounded sense of purpose - all of which will see her succeed while others fall away.”

Ben King - Producer

“Existing in perfect harmony, each element never oversteps its place.”

Martin Philips - ( god bows to math, Hell is now love – Record label)

“Megan’s mature songwriting style and vocal ability instantly places her alongside her contemporaries as a songwriter to keep a watch on.”

Kiri Eriwata - Artist