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“The Nashville singer/songwriter sounds as if she's lived a life and a half on her potent Honest Words album.”

"Cross Sheryl Crow with Bonnie Raitt and you get Honest Words, a bluesy lovelorn showcase for singer songwriter Megan McCormick's bright alto and growly guitar."

Oprah Magazine - Oprah Magazine

“Whether it was your divine grace or not, someone is responsible for her near-perfect debut disc. From the achingly tender ballads to the bristling blues jams, this girl can flat out play. Songs like "Oh My Love," and "Lonely Tonight," come along so rarely it feels criminal to see her continue to stay so far removed from the limelight.”

“Writing from a vulnerable, yet hard-won, perspective, her album captures a woman coming of age -- and hints at an artist with immense potential.”

"The melody of this no-regrest, closing-time ditty -- armed with chugging guitar -- is proof that sometimes the answers found at the bottom of the glass are the right ones."

Marie Claire - Marie Claire Magazine

“The 23-year-old Alaska native excels at a melancholy blend of blues, folk, rock and soul with serious emotional weight, smart guitar work and a resonant, subtly soulful voice.”

“At only 23, McCormick has created an impressive debut that surpasses the work of artists twice her age. From the blistering theatrics of “Pick Up The Phone,” the quiet contemplation of “Wasted” and the stripped-away and brutal honesty of the title track, this is an artist in complete control.”

"She’s an affecting singer, a deep and nuanced songwriter, and a musical polyglot who can rock out too."

“Many 23-year-olds have a wealth of both uplifting and disheartening experiences that seem to belie their age, but few are able to transcend their unpredictable emotional landscape and coalesce these experiences into twelve tracks of raw, heavy, beautiful rock & roll. Nashville-based Megan McCormick has done exactly that on her debut album, 'Honest Words', out August 17 on Ryko.”

“Megan writes with maturity and thoughtfulness that artists twice her age dream of achieving. One of my favorite phrases is “I'm not myself in front of you, I've cleaned the glass a hundred times, the good just won't shine through.” Her melodies, arrangements, & progressions are astounding.”