Megan Maudlin / Press

“NUVO Best of Indy #3 Best Folk/Country Artist 2015”

“RAW Artists: Indy Awards Semi Finalist 2014”

“Singer Megan Maudlin loves to shock her audiences a bit — but in an innocent and humorous way. “You should see the guys in the funk bands,” she said. “Here they see me, this little 5-foot-4-inch girl, and they expect to hear this pretty, ‘La-dee-dah-dee-dah.’ Then they hear me hit a (powerful) note. “And then it’s: Stop. Pause. Gotta look over. What the heck? Where is that coming from?” Maudlin, 27, will have a chance to surprise plenty more people when she performs at 8 p.m. June 1 at Nashville’s Muddy Boots Cafe and at noon June 7 at the Good People Good Times Music Festival near Nashville. She calls her sound folk-rock. But that description probably falls miserably short. In some songs, such as “Carry On,” a tune about getting on with life after the end of a relationship, her voice blends a smidgen of righteous indignation (“’Cause I’m independent, self-sufficient/I didn’t need you to begin with”) with a generous dose of soulful, bluesy deli”

"Hey man, I want you to know that I really dig your music. I've checked out a ton of Indiana musicians. You are in my top 5 favorites. Your sound and lyrics catch my ear and I like the gypsy, flowerchild vibe you have. I'll catch you playing live soon. Musician to musician, there's a lot of sub par crap called music out there, you lift it up and create art. Right on. Stay Cool. Peace!"

James Cash Miller

“When I first asked Megan Maudlin if she wanted to do Neil's "Hard to Say Goodbye," I thought it was going to be really special. I gotta say though, when I got the recording back from Dewayne Schunn and listened to it, I was floored by it. The energy and flow that she brought to the song is, in my opinion, one of those things that was just meant to be. I'm sure Neil would be the first to say, this is Megan's song for sure... and Barry Elkins playing his mando is the cherry on top. I've listened to this song well over a hundred times and for me, it just keeps getting better. Hope you guys like it too, and if you do, please feel free to share it with your friends.”

“Speaking of musical surprises, I didn’t even know Megan played an instrument, much less could sing with such fire and passion. Accompanied by a harmonica player, she stood proudly in center stage and wowed the crowd with tales of her life and examinations of thought that belied her age. After her set, a woman approached me and asked me if I got some good shots of Megan. After I assured her that I had, she told me that was a good thing, ‘cause she was going to be famous. I’ll say this, if she keeps going like this, nothing’ll stop her.”

Rex Thomson - Music Marauders