Megan Burtt & The Cure for Love / Press

“Self-released The guitar-/keyboard-playing Me- gan Burtt is wounded enough to be skeptical, but too resolute to descend into cynicism. Burtt’s music is dark pop with a heavy country tinge and rhythmically charged underlayer. By the time she makes it through the second and third cuts (“Over Me” and “Settle Me Down”) it’s clear that good stuff is to follow. By the next track, “Habit,” it’s clear she’s also capable of challenging herself. “It Ain’t Love,” with a solo from guitarist Adam Tessler, is almost country metal, but its sound and feel are natural. All of the songs here are constructed from elements that are blended together, not tacked on. Berklee degree or not, you can’t hit the mark as squarely and as consistently as Burtt does without having the right stuff.”

“The first full-length release from Denver, Colorado's Megan Burtt (and the follow up to her two previous EPs). It Ain't Love is a beautiful and inspired collection of tunes from a young lady who is most certainly on her way straight up in terms of artistic and commercial success. Rarely do artists succeed on both levels...but Burtt most certainly does. This album has a huge, big, slick sound and yet...the songs never come off sounding pretentious and contrived. These compositions feature great melodies, heartfelt lyrics, arrangements that are always spot on and, of course, Megan's super resonant voice. If this l'il sucker isn't hugely popular within six months then there's something terribly, terribly wrong in the world of music. Killer tracks include "Pay It Now," "Over Me," "Other Side of Lonely," and "One Wing." TOP PICK.”

“Burtt’s ability to compose, perform and relate heartfelt lyrics via her vocal conduit is undeniable. Quiet undertones suggest that her best is yet to come. While many groups seem to divert attention away form a vocalist, the Cure for Love does not fall under this spell. It is clear that the players are experience in peforming with one another, and their ability to support Burtt’s light vocals without overplaying or interfering is paramount. Simultaneously, Burtt’s ability to encourage dynamic development through vocal interpretation filters seamlessly to her band mates. Burtt and the Cure for Love played masterfully to the compact room. Maintaining a well-pocketed groove through the set, the music contributed toward the room’s intimacy, and allowed listeners to breathe. For those who seek pleasure through a true artist whoe work is carefully crafted, this set is on par.”