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"Medusa actually recorded "This P*ssy's A Gangsta" and I heard it out the studio and dude, I sh*t you know, the game is completely over. Every femcee needs to go the hell home after that ish. Medusa and Soleternity??!? It's over. Completely over. Hang up all mics and go home."

BlackSoultan - Youtube.com NonstopLAB

"Breakdown FM w/ Davey D sat down with Medusa, who many of you as part of the legendary pioneering group Feline Science. This Godmother of west coast Hip Hop took us down memory lane.."

"We booked her and then framed the theme of the event around her," said Xian. "The things she says speak toward equity and equality between the sexes." You've got gangsta (rap) and you've got a large suppression of female voices. And then you have Medusa. And she's just this Africana queen."

"WHEN A QUEEN STEPS TO THE MICROPHONE all she wants from you is silence," raps Los Angeles underground hip-hop artist Medusa. With her profound lyrics and looks"

"Medusa also broke down the challenges one faces doing the independent hustle. She feels the grind is necessary but a good thing in the end. The trick to being successful is to be consistent."

“The Hiphop Archive @ Stanford University presents Medusa and DJ Pam the Funkstress "Before the concert ... hear Medusa speak! "A Conversation on Gender Politics and Hiphop"”

"Medusa, the heralded street poetess twice named Best Hip Hop Artist by LA Weekly

"Step aside Lauryn Hill. Move over Gil Scott-Heron and make way for Medusa, the current queen of underground hip-hop. Backed by her own 12 piece band, Feline Science, Medusa delivers her unique blend of old school funk and soul with empowering, lyrical wit."

"Mone *Medusa* Smith is a powerful and eloquent speaker. She is requested on numerous occasions to share her knowledge, wisdom, and true heart expressions at symposiums and speaking engagements for colleges, organizations, churches, and summits.

"LOS ANGELES - The ranks of female rappers remain slim, but that poses no obstacle to Los Angeles underground queen Medusa."

"anybody who is an aspiring artist as well as to those who have been around the block a few times.My heartfelt advice to you is as follows; If you happen to be booked for a show and the promoter has you coming on AFTER this LA based artist named Medusa... DO NOT DO IT.

"Have your manager re-negotiate your contract, but do not go on stage right after her. If you are a battle emcee who has won a few contests and you're feeling good about yourself and your looking for new challenges-Be warned! DO NOT set your sites on Medusa."

"Don't let your homies or an over ambitious promoter set you up. If you find yourself on the bill the best thing for you to do is call in sick. Go on vacation.. leave the building.She will cause you extreme embarrassment and is likely to end your career if its in front of a large crowd."

"Where do you fall in the Hip-Hop Is Dead argument? I think when they say hip-hop is dead, they mean a certain attitude that was in hip-hop. Hip-hop is running things.I go back to that thing of hip-hop being Human Beings Harboring Opinions of Politics and Propaganda.That was hip-hop."