Medford's Black Record Collection / Press

““Four out of five stars…I’ve not seen an album of this type that does so well at telling a story…‘The Flattville Murder Album’ is storytelling at its best combined with fantastically put together and played music.”-- Indie Matters, Charlotte, NC.”

-- Indie Matters, Charlotte, NC

"...Making music that is a part of the fabric of life in this area...they truly are beginning to stand out among the others. Their approach is honest, their music is good, and their future is bright. We are proud to play their tunes."

Benny Smith - --90.3 "The Rock" WUTK-FM General Manager, Knoxville, TN.

"...Exquisite mournful vocals...they're making quite a name for themselves in the local scene."

Steve Wildsmith - --The Daily Times, Maryville, TN.

"In a musical era of songs as a single unit, Medford's Black Record Collection have created a musical essay complete with beginning, middle and end. The tale is dark. The journey is worth the nightmares that might ensue."

Jeff Weiss - -- Miles of Music.

““Every now and then you find a band that has no other agenda than writing great songs...They are unpretentious people playing accessible music, yet their creativity and versatility are astounding.””

Leah E. Willis, - -- MetroPulse, Knoxville, TN.