Medeia / Press

“You will be hard-pressed to find a more precise cross-section of metal than this: pure hate, altruistic melancholy and unmitigated rage. Medeia has earned their right to the throne. (4.5/5)”

Jason Ward (Cult review) - Inferno

“Medeia marvellously puts all the wannabe-tough US-metalcore teenagers in their place. (5/5)”

““Cult” is definitely the most evil and deadly album from Medeia to date and it showcases nicely the sheer brutality and killing attitude the lies within the band. (4/5)”

“This demon possesses the kind of weapons that could destroy world after world. (4/5)”

“A new king of Finnish death metal has just been crowned. Enough of these teaser titbits, give us a full-length and do it now!”

Jason Ward (CD-EP review) - Inferno

“Medeia leaves no doubt in anyone's mind which band is rising to be one of the flagships of Finnish metal. (4,5/5 - release of the week)”

"Cult" is definitely one of those autumn releases everyone should mark in their calendars. (8.5/10)

“Niinimaa's intense vocals are a factor of their own and are a splendid addition to Medeia's crunching delivery.”

Antti Klemi (CD-EP review) - Imperiumi

“Medeia is one of this years most pleasant surprises and one of the darkest stars of underground alternative metal.”

Kimmo Koskinen - Noise.fi