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“Mechanical Skies, Wielder of Wonder. Mechanical Skies = Suicidal Tendencies + Sugartooth + Niel Young. Wielder of Wonder, this six-song EP continues the journey of Mechanical Skies, following their first release in 2010. This material has a definitive classic rock undertone throughout. The material ranges from light and mildly funky to heavy and guitar-driven, and of the range I personally prefer their execution of the former. "Cold" has that kind of light-weight bouncy quality--it's funky and catchy. The production on this release seemed a bit better than on their previous album, and as they keep working I'm sure it will only get better and better. -Ischa B. Salt Lake Underground Magazine August 2012”

“mECHANICAL sKIES = Rush + Cream + Vintage Pop (SLUG Magazine January 2011)”

“Mechanical Skies= Mean Molly's Trio + Elvis Costello. mECHANICAL sKIES is an unorthodox group of musicians...This adds to the appeal of the simple backyard-BBQ-type rock they produce. 'Fix Your Good Mood' is a charming lo-fi collection of songs. "Debbie Died at the Disco" is about a teenage girl being killed by a mirror ball after the narrator told her not to go, while spectators thought her jeans were cool.”