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“On Twin Electric Death Ohio's Mechanics Of Things (MOC for short) deliver such a potent blend of dirty high octane rock and roll and stoner infused punk rock that even the devil would stop right in his tracks and ask "what the hell was that?". Without sounding like a broken record Ohio continues to pump out great rock bands that have the ability to shake the very foundations of rock and MOC are just the latest to burn a path of fury straight to the heart of rock's eager fans. Twin Electric Death breathes fire truth be told. Punk rock mixes with Motorhead while Paul Conaway's voice echos with the sound of a raw James Hetfield. Songs like "T.E.D.", "Paper Suicide" and "Earthmover" had me wanting more and by the time "Drown You" came along I felt whipped. In their bones the band channels the Dead Boys on cuts like "Gasoline" so it comes as no surprise that as an added bonus MOC choose to cover "Sonic Reducer". ”

“Mechanics Of Things visited my WJCU "Metal On Metal" last Friday to promote their "Twin Engine Death" CD release show on June 17 at The Dark Room in Broadview Heights, Ohio. The band came barring gifts - a rare edition of Alice Cooper's very first comic book, an autographed Alice "From The Inside" album cover (the guys know my love of everything A.C. too well!) and a special jar of Mechanics Of Things homemade hot sauce that I have been hesitant to use without an ambulance on standby! Thanks guys!!! ”

Bill Peters - Metal on Metal

“A stoner-rock band with punk impulses, Mechanics of Things relentlessly flaunt their bad attitude on their swaggering, self-titled debut. On songs like "T.E.D." and "Earthmover," Paul Conaway's gruff voice resides somewhere between James Hetfield and Lemmy Kilmister. The band likes to turn its amps to 11, but it sounds better on the subtler, groove-oriented "Paper Suicide" and the bluesy "100 Watt." (Check out the wicked mid-song guitar solo in the latter.) The revved-up "Gasoline" and "Drown You" feature the sort of punk sneers bands like the Dead Boys used to trade in. Appropriately, Mechanics of Things cover the Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer" as abonus track”

“LOCAL BAND IN FOCUS Mechanics of Things first got together in the summer of 2007, when Conaway hooked up with Alberts for an acoustic project. They picked up Stutzman and Loede along the way, turning into a decidedly harder group. "We rock, plain and simple," says Loede (pictured, in the fabulous beer shirt). "No gimmicks, just straightforward heavy rock & roll." That's One Badass Baby: If Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and White Zombie got together at an orgy and had a kid, that child would look and sound a lot like Mechanics of Things. And we hope you weren't at that orgy. Of Course They Have an Album Called Twin Electric Death: Mechanics of Things released their debut album earlier this year. "Mechanics of Things cannot be categorized," says Loede. "No one in this city plays anything like we do." Why We Say They Matter: Actually, the band's merging of metal and hard rock can be categorized (remember that White Zombie orgy?). But they do rock pretty damn hard. ”

“Mechanics of Things is one to add to the list of newer upcoming bands ready to tear up things in their path. Their album T.E.D./Twin Electric Death is a whirlwind of modern/stoner metal. Right from the get-go you better buckle up because you’re in for 44 mins of ass whooping. It gets it going and you don’t get a chance to slow down until the 9th track “Halo”. Halo is a bit softer, but when you get to the next track, Drown You, your breather is done. I’ve never seen these guys live, but I’d like to and imagine that I’d see some whipped up kids in the pit as they play on stage. Twin Electric Death is a finely tuned album begging for your attention. It’s a great companion piece to your already metal collection and a great album to rock out to from start to finish. It’ll strike you like a shovel in the head but the after effects, it's well worth the price of admission. Check them out. I’m sure you’ll agree.”

“Paper suicide: An excellent tune that flowed out without hesitation. The riffs are clean and the vocals take you threw a ride that only the Bass and Drums can cascade with..”

“The last few years Ohio has been making some noise in the stoner rock area. There has been a lot of good music coming out of the state. Blowin’ Smoke: Ten Hits of Ohio’s Finest brings together some of the best that Ohio has to offer..."Paper Suicide” by Mechanics of Things incorporates lots of stoner and bits of Black Label Society and Down. There some acoustics that give it a nice distinct feel to it. ”