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Me As We / Press

"Nobody Can Say Anything " wow !!

Hillbilly DIx - ReverbNation

“Ready to throw a party after that song! Xcellent vibe & vox & Thanx very much for your support Chris. Peace <>XR/RG”

XRAY- IMIJ - ReverbNation

“wow soumds like 1977 all over again, (or 1975) lovin the first tune..”

Elements of a Dark Universe - ReverbNation

"Put on your boogie shoes and come with me!" OK...we're on our way!

Braver than Fiction - ReverbNation

“What talent! Thanks for sharing with us all!”

Sara Davis - ReverbNation

“Sounding goooood!!!!”

Vocalatti - ReverbNation

“Diggin' it. Original & cool. Thanks for connecting and stop back for a listen anytime!”

the Dirty Recipe - ReverbNation

“Love this. Some funkin good music :)”

Zerox Zeros - ReverbNation

“wild keep rockin'”

Geordie Jerry Lee - ReverbNation

“Listening to "Partytime!" great song, great sound.”

Albert Bevia - ReverbNation

“Nice jam! I hear some Beatles up in there!! Rock on!!!”

Bert Hedrick - ReverbNation

“Guys you should get some of your stuff to the advertisers...and media...”

Al Kerr Songwriter - ReverbNation

“Very good your work, dear friend! Beautiful theme with good guitar and voice! Congratulations !!!”

Cyro Bittencourt - ReverbNation

“Celebrating to ~ Partytime ~ Congratulations ~ Its a hit ... We would love to dance to this at Zumbia ... :D Awesome ~ Song's ``` Thank you!”

Songs of Debara - ReverbNation

“ooh ... great tracks, very original!!! peace,”

rei4real - ReverbNation

"partytime!" sounds really funky and special! hear some influences of 70's progressive bands (especially gentle giant) and the kings of soul, of course.

Attack Karma - ReverbNation

“Real Nice Slick ROCKIN sound you got going on!!”

Salt NZ - ReverbNation

“Not sure where I found you, but I dig it ;)”

Billy Mully - ReverbNation

"One" definitely gets the grin muscles going - very ingenious and original - sounds like you've signed up Steven Hawking in there somewhere too - love the way the rhythm and tune changes about 2 mins. in.

Chris Ingram - ReverbNation

“Alternative/Other/Eclectic/ Fun! Yep!”

Jarrod Neufeld - ReverbNation

“Great funky Beats!!!”

Angel Wings - ReverbNation

“Great stuff here! ~”

Jeremiah&#x27;s Place in Time - ReverbNation

“Chris...Nice tracks !! Very enjoyable !!”

Wayne C. Frink - ReverbNation

“Keep The Tracks Funky Like It!”

Daun-Te - ReverbNation

“Listening to..."One" Awesome Talent!!”

J.O.A. - ReverbNation

" Nobody Can Say Anything" is terrific - very original - bursting with ideas and killer riffs. Very, very professional with superb playing and dark vocals.

Chris Ingram - ReverbNation

“Hey Chris! Great talent and amazing work! Loved snowpeople and man that guitar work on The Emptiness Inside Desire blew me away! I'm sharing your page! All the best my friend! I wish you much success!”

Tassos Sotirakis - ReverbNation

“Awesome songs!!”

Aira Winterland - ReverbNation

“back for Crazy As It Seems today. thanks again, See Jay Run”

See Jay Run - ReverbNation

“enjoying In Love Again today. thanks also for your support, and congrats on your top spot. wishing you and your listeners a happy new year, See Jay Run”

See Jay Run - ReverbNation

“Very fun and groovy :)”

Mia Lotus - ReverbNation

“One is a great avant grade track -- the spirit of Frank Zappa lives on!”

Android Jellybabies - ReverbNation

“Big playlist! Great work!”

Kindred Spirit - ReverbNation

“One is the one !!! 8-) Sparkling and still concentrated !”

Hunting Island - ReverbNation

“I like .. Party time is retro that fits. Mag Pie.. :-)”

Mag Pie - ReverbNation

“I was a fan of your band before you fanned me. You all are brilliant!”

KeeLime - ReverbNation

"One" is a really synth rocking compostion!!!!! A lot of creativity put into it::::::)))))

Sharon Rachman - ReverbNation

“Nice work, Chris! Reminds me of an old favorite, Badfinger, with a great Clapton-esque vocal on top.all luck to you, peace out, Dean”

the Dean Gray Band - ReverbNation

"Party Time" sounds great! Enjoying my listen here.

MykoMan - ReverbNation

“Loving "endless season" the bass is awesome vocals are great it's basically a top track!! Keep up the great work”

The Harry Munk Project - ReverbNation

“Funky and strange in a real good way, you have your own style!”

Barbrah Kelley - ReverbNation

“seriously fucking impressed..”

Blues Abuse - ReverbNation

“Don't Say Goodbye is simply a great song!”

The DoPe Brothers - Reverb Nation

“great sound!!..... great trax!!... great vocals!!... brilliant!!...good vibe here!!... great presence!! keep up the good work!!! one ROCKS!! i love dig what you are doing its new exciting and fresh!! if it was a wave i would surf it all the way in!!”

Mix10 Audio - Reverb

“'ooohs in mi shack' is a great track! : ) deb x”

Debbie Moore - Reverb Nation

“Hey!! "One" is a great funky tech groove! Just love it! Cheers!”

Barbies Of Porn - Reverb Nation

“What A GIFT you have!”

ATHENA - Reverb Nation

“Don't Say Goodbye is simply a great song!”

The DoPe Brothers - Reverb Nation

“Great sound!!! GOT STYLE! Keep up da good work & Thanx 4 listening & joining my fan community! More stuff will follow soon! Stay tuned! Blessins & nice day!”

CirCu T - Reverb Nation

“I see what you mean by "Other"; a funky fusion of Human League meets the B-52s and then goes slam-dancing with George Clinton. Great stuff! ”

Pawn&#x27;s Logic - Reverb Nation

“Love the music- reminds me of a Groove Collective album or Giles Peterson compilation. I'll def. be listening to it all while at work today.”

Albino Tree Yeti - Reverb Nation

“Oh yeah, bring it on, Partytime! Great cut!”

Damn Hippies - Reverb Nation

"Partytime!" is jammin'! Thank you for becoming a fan, I appreciate the support. Best wishes.

Wisecrack the Scribe - Reverb Nation

“Wow i havent heard music like this in a while keep it alive guys ”

Vindictive Jackals - Reverb Nation

“Nice work! Love Snowpeople! Great track!”

RAVN6 - Reverb Nation

“super contagious nice music so good feeling. It is a pleasure to hear you here on reverbnation ”

SoulTruth - Reverb Nation

“super contagious nice music so good feeling. It is a pleasure to hear you here on reverbnation ”

Cesar Coronel - Reverb Nation

“Enjoying your superb music. Happy New Year, wishing you all the best for 2013”

Keep driving - Reverb Nation

“Beautiful!!!~Great music!!”

Diamonah - Reverb Nation

“Beautiful songs ! My best wishes for you !”

Townshadows - Reverb Nation

“Awesome grooves and great playin' dude! You did an amazing job of realizing these tunes! Love it! Cheers! ”

Karma Wash - Reverb Nation

“Brutal tunes coming from STL area. Represent! Thx guys, I like One. ”

Spotting Waldo - Reverb Nation

“The 'One' Track Is Funky Brillant .. Funny, I too started out With a Fostex 4 track. Peace & Light ”

Mosestone - Reverb Nation

"if fat albert was a zombie" bloody marvelous piece of music my friend - grooving to it right now! thanks for being a fan of Creamium, just gotta be a fan of your cracking music!! :-).

Creamium - ReverbNation

“Noise Level Peace, love & respect from Canada. Thanks for the fan support. Wicked & funky tracks, Groove-alicious!! Nov 13”

Noise Level - reverbnation

“Really enjoying "One"... inventive, funky and with a Fat Boy Slim style cheekiness. Great track, dude. Much respect from the UK....... Nejjy. ”

Richard Nejman - Reverb Nation


Rob Wright - Reverb Nation

"One" is awesome!! very fresh :)

Joyless - Reverb Nation

“Me As We could be the lost member of Art of Noise. Excellent retro-tronica! ”

Greg Leatherman - Reverb Nation

“Wave Hello Machine: You embody the true essence of experimentation and expression! You are as talented as you are adventurous. As a fellow concept dweller I tip my hat to you sir. Oct 6”

wave hello machine - reverb nation

“Every song is a hit!”

LoMomma - ReverbNation

“There is loads of great material here!”

Appalachian Safari - ReverbNation

“Emersed in Authenticity.”

Yafe Aros - ReverbNation

“I love the sound! Very enjoyable...Can't stop dancing in my chair!”

David Niles - Reverb Nation

“Way cool selection of amazing stuff here, truly amazing listen! Robyn-Jane”


“You cut thru the genre clutter with grooves of honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul! - David Namerow ”

Reverb Nation

“Eclectic doesn't seem appropriate enough for you as an artist. You seem to relish jumping genres like a kid picking through a bag of jelly beans, and all are done well. Congrats. Best wishes for 2012 - 12 String Scott”

12 String Scott - Reverb Nation

“Hiya! Enjoyed Parytime, Such a great groove ....funny lyrics too "they thought they'd heard the last of disco.." "Put on your leisure suit and boogie.." :D Best of 2012 to ya'l! Dec 28 - Hippie Tendencies”


“I'm Stopping by to show much luv and support to a Awesome person:-) - So Naive Dec 19 ”


“Thanx for the friendship also with this project, always a pleasure to listen to your great tunes! :) - Alfi”


“Here to show returned support, I love what you do, keep up the good music. I will always be back for more. ( A true fan... TBN ..d-_-b.. ) - Twisted Brown Necklace”


“Party time...could not sit still while listening to your work.....great tempo...I love it when I listen to music and it makes me feeel good...and is that not what good music is alll about?.... good vibes and friendship - Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee”


“Love the variety in your music! You have great creative energy. Keep up the great work! - The White Noise Hypocrisy”


"Partytime" is a great pep-up song, we needed a boost! - Shabby Road


“Really enjoyed "SNOW PEOPLE" great sound y'all have there! - KC Daleigh”


“'Partytime!' funky, funky dance tune... just what the party needs this weekend. - The Pizza Kings”


“What a wide variety of songs and genres-this is good stuff with really nice vocal harmonies! - Harrison Kaplan”

Harrison Speaks

“I listened to your musics & songs. They are very, very entertaining, enjoying & exciting. Great musics, clean sound arrangement & your voice is amazing... I enjoyed listening to what you have produce... Interesting & exciting... I'll be checking on your other website page too later... Thank you for sharing them with RN...- Fantamorgana”


“Hey! Great songs of yours, a pleasure to listen! :) Love the Hellbound Train! Godzilla is a great tune as well! :) - Killerzmurf”


“'Snowpeople' is very cool. Laurie Miller”


“Hello amazing talented friend, Great tune!Terrific! Greetings from Japan, Ryo ”


“You are right! I like Hellbound Train! I have a tingling sensation AAAAAHAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA that is better. Ash - Mindful Chaos ”


“Playing Snowpeople...great song. This has got some really awesome instrumentation and smooth vocals. Amazing work. - Joe NYC Guitarist Sep 02 ”


“Splendid Indeed ! Inspiration prevails - - brilliant range of material and sounds ~ today KIM, tomorrow the world !!!!!! - Bobo Raposi Sep 02”