Me and My Arrow / Press

“Me and My Arrow have been embarking on an adventure where they are releasing a new single every other week, with many coinciding with events the band are taking part in. The latest song is the psyched tinged slow jam “Revolver Reissue,” which was released for their appearance the other day at the Stevens Square Cinema and Civics series. The first was the dark, Islands-esqe pop of “Erazor,” which was a Art-a-Whirl preview, followed by the gentle piano ballad “Danyg,” which was tied to the bands appearance on KFAI. All three songs help to get a good grasp on the bands melody rich, piano driven pop effort and can be streamed below. Look for a new song titled “Disco Elementary” in a fortnight and keep your eyes peeled for this buzzing local group as their summer adventures continue.”

“Much has been said about the sheer size of headlining band Me and My Arrow, but it is impossible not to comment when so many layers of sound fill a room, mesmerizing everyone in it. The group was cut short without warning, leaving a genuinely disappointed handful of captivated listeners. Fortunately they have booked a show for nearly every day of the marathon.”

"Doubtlessly, there are some fantastic options this week, most of which revolve around some manner of All Hallow's spookiness. So why is it that out of all these high-profile acts, I'm recommending some relatively unknown indie band from Minnesota? Frankly, because they're awesome. Take 10 people, throw them up onstage with a variety of instruments ranging from vintage synths to a cello, and watch them go nuts on some Kings-of-Leon-style epic, slightly rootsy rock? And then you're only going to charge me six bucks? Hell, I'd pay that just to see how they squeeze everybody on the Grog's stage. "

“It seems that the more members a band has the more chances they have to rock your socks off. If that equation is actually true then Me and My Arrow are going to leave you there standing in nothing but your skivvies. Guitar lines are layered on top of string layers which in turn are layered on top of synthesizers. This could easily lead to a huge chaotic mess but somehow M&MA are able to maintain a balance that keeps them driving the whole charade right off the cliff.”

“This is the best live show i have seen on tour: 8 people, all singing at once, playing the hell out of their respective instruments, while being crammed onto the small stage at the Doublewide in Dallas...i had goosebumps the whole time. When they were all singing "Yard Dog" at once...i almost blew up. I love this band. I love their music. I love their show. I love all of the members. If there is any justice in the world...i will get to play more shows with them and maybe one day...make music with them. Minneapolis never fails to provide great music and great people...god damn right."”

“ "There's been a lot of talk about the size of local band Me & My Arrow, but it's warranted, since there are only a small handful of Minneapolis stages that can accommodate them comfortably. They've recently trimmed down from nine members to a relatively lean seven, but in order to pull off the anthemic, heavily layered sound that's become the band's stock-in-trade, the largeness is a necessity rather than overkill. Just the coordination involved in this mini-orchestra should tell you that M&MA are ambitious enough to stand on equal footing with more established projects, and with the release of their debut LP they'll take a major stab at attracting the kind of attention that could transform the band into the nationally recognized indie darlings they deserve to be. That the band's tour concludes with this hometown show at the not-long-for-this-world Uptown Bar could prove to be fitting, as the decline of one Minneapolis mainstay could signal the rise of another."”