Me & Mountains / Press

"... in their live show they’ve already demonstrated that they’re tighter and hungrier than most other bands out there."

“Few local bands appear on the scene as fully formed as Me & Mountains. When the group made its debut last summer it already had developed a dynamic collection of hook-heavy songs that fall somewhere between Weezer and The Killers.”

“This debut is full of irrepressible, and sophisticated pop hooks that are sometimes flashy, and always gratifying and un-castrated. While a lot of other indie pop bands drown themselves in empty bluster and derivative messiness, this band seems to be both a deliberate and significant addition to the local, and hopefully national, indie rock landscape.”

“…over the past few months, Me & Mountains has been building some impressive momentum in the Gem City. With a highly polished indie sound and hooks that dig deep from the first listen, it’s really no surprise.”

“Your parents won't have to spend their own money much longer!”

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