Me & Dinosaur / Press

“If the members of Me & Dinosaur could time travel, they would go back to Rome in 300 BC. “I think the Romans would have great appreciation for indie-rock music,” said singer Sean McClure. There is, perhaps, something Roman in the music of Me & Dinosaur — in its brawny, workman-like, blues-rock heart and innovative twists on classic forms, as well as in its widespread allegiances. Like an empire, Me & Dinosaur has claimed the hearts of many in town; hear its newest single, “Smile,” and it’s easy to understand why. These live favorites bridle with true up-and-coming energy, an already strong band sitting on untapped potential.”

“If you're looking for a band with soul, energy, and creative, original new music, look no further than Santa Barbara's Me and Dinosaur. These guys know how to put on a great show and with the release of their EP, Mud Houses, earlier this year, these guys have truly made a name for themselves in the Santa Barbara and Southern California area. Their performance at the local Santa Barbara bar, Whiskey Richard's, Thursday evening was eye-catching to say the least. They produce a bluesy indie rock sound while projecting rip-roaring energy into the crowd, demanding ones attention and revelry. The group kicked off the show with, "That's Just the Way the World is" a sort of indie rock ballad with somewhat of a Santana influence through the middle section. A lively first choice to get their audience ready for what comes next. Songs such as "Hang Along" and "Excuses" exhibit the group's elaborate harmonies and bluesy guitar riffs. In "Oh Darling" lead guitarist Cole Baviera demonstrated a”