Meade Skelton / Press

“Meade Skelton’s ‘Hipsters Ruin Everything’ may be hipster anthem we’ve all been waiting for By Ned Hepburn Meade Skelton is a guy from Virginia who hates Obama, hipsters, and untucking his shirt. He has a blog, and spends most of the day blogging about how much he wants to sing, how much he hates Obama, how much he dislikes drums, and detailing his weight loss. He also uploads a lot of his songs to YouTube. Now, the cynic in me wants to simply write him off as a guy in a small town with a keyboard (which he names “Bessie,” by the way) – but to be honest, there’s something about him that screams “outsider art” moreso than most any other random YouTube / blog find. He comes across like the Daniel Johnston of keyboard-based coffee shop country – a description that no doubt will set his rivaled hipsters ears on fire. For all the vast amount of information that the internet has to offer, its rare to come across something like this; perhaps the internet equivalent of”