Mickey Dapper / Press

“(Followers of Mickey Dapper know he’s a hustler and he hustled hard) (He has a classic East Coast, NY style and a complex rhyme structure that would leave a lot of MCs envious.) ( I am sure with all the preparation he is doing one day he will meet with an opportunity that will give him the outcome he deserves.)”

“I don’t really follow any underground rappers but this is one guy imma get my eye on. One thing I can say about this project is that its true to the streets and the artist wasn’t just rapping all the time. He was actually saying something which is something you don’t expect from mixtapes these days. Its expected to be all about the money, drugs, the streets, and women. Track fourteen (THROWING MONEY) wasn’t just about the money is was about not being afraid of being successful. After listening to this rapper spit on each and every track I feel like I know him. Track eleven ( INTERLUDE #2 ) and ten( DEAR PLAYBOY) is the realest tracks on the entire mixtape. M.D didn’t sugar coat anything. This is one artist to keep a look out for. He’s only going to get better. M.D has the word play of 50, he’s actually rapping about something, and he’s real. People can relate to his story and his grind. This artist isn’t doing what everyone else is doing and that’s like a br”