Prophecy [MD] / Press

“Prophecy is a real dope artist from Maryland he brings a whole different style to the game mixes alittle bit of everything from hip-hop to reggae. He keeps it hyped with every show he performs and everytime he puts out music its always great to hear it. Everyone is always lookin forward to new stuff put out by him he'll definitely keep you on your toes. You'll always find yourself just kickin it when you jam to his tracks. He's like the modern day Bob Marley with the flows of Tupac or Biggie. I've had the pleasure of playin his music and talkin with Prophecy on Juggalo Ryda Radio and with every track its a different experience. A lot of his music comes from stuff thats happened in his life and a lot of the listeners have mentioned they relate to his music and anyone who books Prophecy for a show will have a room packed plus more.”

DJ Havok - Juggalo Ryda Radio