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“This time I bring you Jack Maravell. An incredible musician, and the best Beatles impersonator I've seen in my life. Pardon me, isn't this the Blues Alliance? Yes it is, and real men including us blues lovers, love the Beatles. I do... I never understood impersonators before I met Jack. Honestly, a little confusing area to me..as a record producer and record label owner I'm always on the lookout for cutting edge talent, that's all about creating new stuff. He shows up in my studio for his project, I was in awe the very first time I heard him. His guitar/bass and singing are really out of this world. Hey he's also a lefty, like me and Paul(excuse us) I would never go to a Beatles jam if Jack is not there, he knows all the chords. SEE MORE”

“From Beatle Paul to Sir Paul, Jack Maravell and his band perform such classic hits as 'All My Loving', 'I Saw her Standing There', 'Band On The Run', 'Live and Let Die' and MANY more! Jack Maravell has toured the country portraying Paul in the national act "The Best of Beatlemania". He even plays a left-handed Hofner bass like Paul! Dedicated to the music and legacy of one of the greatest”