Patrick Ross / Press


“Faith is rocking the charts worldwide from China to Paris to Germany to Poland to Italy to United Kingdom to Middle East to Africa to The Phillipines, and across North and South America. The message is crossing cultural and language boundaries as people connect with the message that brighter days are ahead in these troubled times we face together in our world. "FAITH" has a simple message that simply states "Have a little faith, there will always be a brighter day." Written during a troubled and embittered time that eneded in riots and racial divide between blacks and whites, when five police officers were aquitted of murdering a black insurance agent named Authur McDuffie, a veteran of WWII and a devoted family man. Faith delivers a message of hope and healing to those who have lost the ability to see the good in their world and mankind.”

“Patrick, I look at EVERYTHING you write on your wall, I listen to your music, it's dope bruh, I watch with GREAT care your career of music, it's like watching Ziggy Marley playing with Aswad all over again dude, just a crisp clean sound, love it!!”

“Patrick is a gifted musician as well as recording engineer and producer.”

“Listened to "Faith" It just jumps out at you and makes you want to dance around the room. Great musical awareness and soulful vocals.”

“Orchestra + Funk + Reggae Flow ! - Patrick Ross Makes It Happen ! - If He's Drivin' , I Call "Shotgun !"”