MCBC (Brian Christina) / Press

“www.faygoluvers.net Underground Spotlight Interview Artist: MCBC Real Name: Brian Christina From: Vancouver, Washington Rolls With: Swisher Sweets [BeZerk here: I lol'd.] BeZerk: Why did you choose the name MCBC? MCBC: Funny thing is I didn’t initially choose this name. I was the drummer for a thrash metal band at the time (Undead Epidemic), and I was always into recording and producing. So, as a joke, I made a few hip hop style songs and rapped over them. I showed my guitarist Jamie (who now plays for the Hammered Grunts) jokingly he was like what up “MCBC”? That just stuck I guess, never felt the need to change it. I mean my name is Brian Christina anyways why not throw an “MC” in front of it, keep it simple. Honestly I could have never predicted how far I would come in the little time I’ve been into hip hop. BeZerk: Who would you consider as an inspiration? MCBC: I take inspiration out of almost any music (except country haha) Read More.. http://www.faygoluvers.net/v5/2”

“MCBC, aka Brian Christina, is a Vancouver native that began rapping just four years ago. Familiar with the instrumental and production side of music, he found his niche as a performer and has opened for big-name acts such as DJ Quik and Akil, Jurassic 5’s emcee. Check out his Bandcamp for MCBC’s latest mixtape, The Unreleased 2012 Collabos Collection, featuring MCBC’s collaborations during 2012. (vanc) http://mcbc.bandcamp.com/”

"Watching that kid (Brian Christina) evolve in his writing and his style and everything - he's incredible, out of all the Hip Hop guys I deal with he's for sure one of the most talented"

Travis Zimmerly - Willamette Weekly