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“Brooklyn’s Maynard and the Musties return with Fall on In, produced under the watchful ear and knob-tweedling fingers of Eric ‘Roscoe’ Ambel (The Del Lords). Lazy rhythms ebb and flow throughout “The Beef Trade in Suede” as Joe Maynard sings of ‘hopping a flight to Miami’ while The Musties play gypsy jazz around the campfire of “Death”. Fall on Inshakes and rattles over rootsy rock ‘n’roll in “Chinese Jail”, form a determined line of rhythm to storm the barricades in “We are the People”, and forward a resume over a twangy rumble of “Smart Ass”. - See more at: http://thealternateroot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2943%3Aalt-root-top-ten-songs-of-the-week-01-21-15&catid=208%3Awhat-s-trending&Itemid=268#sthash.9AgOIoHT.dpuf”

“There are just four songs but you get it. Maynard and the Musties bounce through “Big News, I’m Cryin’”. It is busking with a mission, the guitar leads produce twangs and bends that move from western swing to island slides. Joe Maynard wrote the songs and sings lead. His voice digs deep into the lives he chronicles. “Love, My Love” is an acoustic reverie that looks back with a bitter longing. Maynard and the Musties set stark scenes in their songs. The hardscrabble background works well for their songs, “Tin of Tea” opens itself to a hard beat and jangly chords. Prairie poetry describes life on the edge of the world. Maynard and the Musties slyly inhabit the groove of their songs, there is a roots trance quality to the foundation The Musties provide. “Killer Inside Me” slithers into existence with a big presence. Its sharp edge fits the other songs on the E.P., though the volume rises to fully bring a teasing danger to the tune. ”

“Maynard and the Musties sound like kicking road dust off your boots and spitting out the grit of your teeth.”

"More hooks and lures than a Bass Pro Shop"

“...there is only one Joe Maynard, a crooner with a deviously lyrical wit... The first track, Big News, I’m Cryin’ has a western swing vibe fueled by Bruce Harvie’s sideswiping slide guitar...The next two songs share a mysterious, hypnotic swaying vibe. Tin of Tea is an enigmatic account of a damaged woman who may or may not have killed her man: Maynard keeps you guessing. Killer Inside is considerably darker, Maynard’s vocals running through what sounds like a Leslie speaker for a creepy, watery effect, Harvie adding a long, slinky slide guitar solo. The last track is an unexpectedly gentle acoustic waltz spiked with Harvie’s mandolin...”

“...molasses with a sweet whiskey kick.”

"A collection of original songs rooted in raw Americana...a relaxed musical roadtrip..."

 Johan Schoenmakers - altcountryforum.nl

"Sweet sound, reminds me of "Harvest" or "Anodyne".

"Cat" - Radio Free America

"...Scripted with a swagger..."

Jeph Duarte - brooklyncountry.com

“The music on Maynard and the Musties’ Cheap Cigar is loose and worn and boozy. Every note is a surprise. Every line is sad but true.”