MAYDAY / Press

“¡MAYDAY! is headed to the top floor”

“…captures the electric excitement of a city on the verge of a breakthrough”

The Miami Herald

““…one of Miami's hardest-hitting bands.””

Miami New Times

““From 2 live Crew, DJ Laz and Uncle Al, to Pitbull and Rick Ross, its seems music from the magic city never had any substance to it. Luckily the Miami drought has been satiated by MAYDAY!””


““Gnarls Barkley may enjoy playing dress-up like your childhood wall come to terrifying life, but it takes real balls to cast Cee-Lo as a pleading voice for the working class. MC Bernbiz & his bearded Rubin-esque comrade, Plex had just that bright idea & it turned them into overnight sensations””

Urb Magazine

"MAYDAY's "Groundhog Day" is a smash hit"

New York Times