maxmus / Press

“ All of your Elements are great !!!!!.We're luvin the style.We are Fans for real. ”

“Your elements are brilliant ! ”

“Love your alternative angle of music & production... a truly avon garde approach... awesome!”

“ending 1 (I love it)”

“Element 5 is stunning!”

“ That is some cool f---ing shi--t. ”

“Great and original music! It is not only about jazz, man. It is about your great music at all.”

“Great music my friend =)”

“Great tunes Max, your guitar playing is just superb. I am totally lost in how you do this. Sensational and captivating..”

“: What an awesome musical concept.”

“Completely the best pure music!”

“ Total Ear Candy!! Every atom in my body loves your music!! ”

“Elements are something of a Proustian mix: moments of sound that appear briefly, and vanish, and then are echoed again - memory "flashbacks" of sound." ”