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Max Frost / Press

“Max Frost exudes genuineness. On his latest single “Let Me Down Easy” his pop sensibility truly shines, however it is not flashy or vein. In fact, it’s empathetic, tonally punching, and purely harmonic. The 21-year-old singer songwriter has a talent that exemplifies his unique approach in an industry overwrought with production gimmicks and over-laying, a multi-instrumentalist approach with an infectious croon. This combination allows Max, who has a penchant for catchy arrangements, to take more risks and open himself up to his audience. And what you get is this authenticity worth buying into. With tracks like “Paranoia” and the aforementioned “Let Me Down Easy” it is clear why Atlantic Records decided to invest in this big talent. We were honored to chat with Max about his influences, signing to Atlantic records, and so much more. (read more at the link)”

““And if you gonna let me down, let me know, let me know right now. And if you gonna let me down, then let me down easy.” Max Frost, the songwriter and producer whose song “White Lies” has given him a name in the music world, has released his latest track, “Let Me Down Easy”. This track, like his previous releases, keeps the focus on the songwriting and simple rhythms behind the production, creating an infectious quality among them. Frost just wrapped up a tour with Fitz and the Tantrums, and is working on his full-length album due out in early 2015.”

“Published on Nov 5, 2014 Max Frost is only 22, but has been performing and collaborating with a variety artists in his hometown of Austin, Texas since his teenage years. Frost's solo career kicked off with a bang when his song "White Lies" became an independent hit, peaking at number 29 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart. He then signed to Atlantic Records, who released his Low High Low EP in October 2013. A full length is due for release in 2015. In October of 2014, Max Frost performed "White Lies" during an intimate set at the Do512 Lounge, presented by Bud Light. [video of live performance]”

“MOKB took a little trip down to Austin, Texas last week, and while partying with miscreants from all over the U.S., we took in an unexpected bowling alley dance party featuring Austin, TX native, multi-instrumentalist, and up-and-coming artist Max Frost. Frost recently toured with Fitz & The Tantrums and is more frequently finding his name on “Artists To Know” lists and his music in brand commercials. It’s high-energy and loads of fun, so expect the trend to continue. His first single “White Lies” was an early fav of ours, and he’s recently returned with a video for another standout track, “Paranoia“. Frost will release his debut album in early 2015, and he’s got some heavy-hitters in his corner already. Frost co-produced and co-wrote all the new tracks with the help of producers Benny Blanco (Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa), Francois Tetaz (Gotye), Ant Whiting (John Newman) and Kid Harpoon (Jesse Ware, Florence and The Machine, Skrillex).”

“Über talented indie pop singer/songwriter Max Frost has premiered the trippy music video for his new single “Paranoia.” The Austin, Texas native has been catching the eye of many in the music world, including NPR and Rolling Stone, who named him one of their “Top Ten Artists You Need To Know.” “Paranoia” is out now on iTunes courtesy of Atlantic. Frost is currently locked in the studio working on his forthcoming full length album with pop music titans Benny Blanco (Maroon 5/Kylie Minogue), Francois Tetaz (Gotya, Kimbra), Ant Whiting (John Newman) and Kid Harpoon (Jesse Ware, Florence and The Machine, Skrillex).”

“How Max Frost Plans to Repeat His 'White Lies' Success -- When Max Frost’s dance-pop confection “White Lies” took radio dials and music blogs by storm last spring, the world got to hear Austin’s latest best-kept musical secret. An established player in roots and blues bands and an occasional producer, Frost left college to cast out on his own, with his sudden success launching a bidding war that resulted in Atlantic Records releasing his Low High Low EP last year. With new singles to be released soon and a full-length album on the way early next year, Frost, 22, talked to us about how he burst onto the scene and what he’s learned so far. [click to read full interview]”

“The upbeat new video for Max Frost’s “Paranoia” plays with stark contrast, highlighting the relationships between black and white. The song itself investigates blatant paranoia and the challenge of overcoming it. The video is fast and twitchy, pushing a dance worthy schizophrenic mind trip onto the viewer. There are even lions and tigers (Oh my!). Check it out below.”

“Max Frost is from Austin & I’m super excited he has a new single out . Frost has a way of writing a song with serious content & turn it into a track you really want to move to. His most popular single last year was ‘White Lies‘, & for a while I couldn’t keep it off repeat. ‘White Lies’ is about a relationship full of infidelity & even though I knew that, I wanted to get up & dance anyway. This year we have the new track ‘Paranoia’ which is obviously about voices in your head & looking over your shoulder. Once again with ‘Paranoia’, Frost elicits major vibes in his new single that make it hard pressed for you to sit still. Regardless of the lyrical tone of some of his songs, Max Frost has a knack for making them infectious, upbeat & getting me in the mood to dance. It also doesn’t hurt listening to his smooth, soulful & bluesy voice. Did I mention he’s good looking, too? He is in the process of recording a full length album ... feedback once it’s released.”

““Paranoia,” the highly-anticipated single from Max Frost, released Monday, November 10. A track from his forthcoming full-length album, “Paranoia” reached #91 on the iTunes alternative charts in only its third day after being released. The video was directed by simultaneously fresh and seasoned long-time co-conspirator Jordan Haro (jordanharo.net).”

“New Music Video: Max Frost's "Paranoia" is a chaotic, bandwidth walloping force of black and white shenanigans -- Hey, we know, let’s post a new video that looks exactly like it does outside at this very moment. That’s right, it’s black, it’s white, and it’s little else. No greens. No yellows. Void of blues. It’s just white and black. Because nothing would make us happier than a video giving us flash backs of our 2-hour morning commute from earlier this morning.....We digress. Max Frost’s “Paranoia” is something sweet. It’s reminiscent of an old Franz Ferdinand clip and packs a sonic wallop to tame what edge anyone could currently be sitting on at this moment. ...Frost is currently in the studio working on his full length album said to be out early next year. He co-produced and co-wrote all the tracks on the album with the help of producers Benny Blanco (Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa), Francois Tetaz (Gotye), Ant Whiting (John Newman) and Kid& The Machine, Skrillex).”

“MAX FROST RELEASES V IDEO FOR “PARANOIA” -- Max Frost premiered the video for his latest song “Paranoia” yesterday on Baeble who called the video “raucous, wild, and fresh.” rost recently toured with Fitz & The Tantrums and has been named one of Rolling Stone & NPR’s “10 Artists You Need To Know.” His EP, Low High Low features the single “White Lies” which hit #1 on Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs” chart, Beats By Dre also featured the single in a commercial earlier this year that included an appearance by Max. He is now currently in the studio working on his full length album, due out early next year. He co-produced and co-wrote all the tracks on the album with the help of producers Benny Blanco (Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa), Francois Tetaz (Gotye), Ant Whiting (John Newman) and Kid Harpoon (Jesse Ware, Florence and The Machine, Skrillex).”

“There's something special about Max Frost. The Austin native, who was named one of Rolling Stone and NPR's "10 Artists You Need to Know," just wrapped up a tour with Fitz and The Tantrums, and to celebrate, is premiering his new video for "Paranoia" here on Baeble. The echoing rock song, with bouncy beats, tambourine, and stripped down drums, is set to a black and white thermal camera effect that is raucous, wild, and fresh. Frost is currently in the studio working on his forthcoming full length album, co-writing and producing all tracks (including "Paranoia") with music industry heavyweights, producers Benny Blanco (Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa), Francois Tetaz (Gotye), Ant Whiting (John Newman) and Kid Harpoon (Jesse Ware, Florence and The Machine, Skrillex).”

“Max Frost was recently named one of NPR’s “10 Artists You Should Have Known in 2013.” His new EP, Low High Low features the single “White Lies” that is currently at Alternative Radio and hit #1 on Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs” chart. The companion music video has over one million views and Beats By Dre also featured the single in a commercial earlier this year that included an appearance by Max. It won’t take long for you to be a fan of Max and his music as his soulful infectious voice will capture you right away. His fusion of musical genres and styles is such a pleasure and done so well it’s no wonder Max is an emerging star. It was a definite honor to catch Max while on tour and ask him a few questions as he is the Joey Voodoo Band of the Week! [click to read interview]”

“Review of Fitz & The Tantrums show with Max Frost opening: "Not to be overshadowed was opening act and Austinite Max Frost, whose pretty boy look did little to warn the crowd of his funky fresh sound. Backed by a singer, keyboardist and drummer, Frost was first to rattle the dance floor with his melting pot of pop, blues and funk, and his set included a cover of Rick James’ “Give it to Me Baby.” At one point, Frost sported an electric guitar on top of a bass guitar so as to alternately play both instrumental parts. (Recommended listening: “White Lies.”) Those who couldn’t make the show missed a special evening from both Fitz and the Tantrums and Max Frost. Don’t miss the opportunity next time."”

“Max Frost puts the labor in love songs at ACL Fest late night show -- You knew it was an Austin City Limits Music Festival late night show from the OutKast cover: Austin’s own Max Frost followed suit with the festival trend toward honoring that headlining rap duo as he opened for Fitz and the Tantrums at Stubb’s on Wednesday night. The evening gig benefitting Waller Creek Conservancy was one of few in the lineup to feature a non-festival act like Frost. Whatever the origin of the booking, the match between opener and headliner was a good fit sonically. Frost, possessing a meticulous charisma, worked up a considerable sweat as he whipped up a frenzy of blues and soul inspired pop, including the aforementioned spin on Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s “Roses.” Of course there were hometown hero vibes: “It’s good to be back in my home city,” Frost said almost from the get-go. He even knew to provoke the crowd into louder screams by accusing them of being from Dallas --- more...”

“Frost is only 22, but has been playing music and collaborating with other artists in Austin since his teenage years. His solo career kicked off with a bang when the song “White Lies” became a hit, with no promotion, when it was independently released last spring. He recently signed to Atlantic Records, who released his Low High Low EP last year, with a full length due for release in 2015.”

“Former UT-Austin English major turned singer-songwriter Max Frost brought his crew into the KXT 91.7 studios to play a couple of tracks from his forthcoming album.”

“....Austin [TX] remains a pinnacle in producing influential artists …Another rising musician hailing from Austin is Max Frost. Releasing his first EP "Low High Low" in 2013, Frost has been touring the country since. Featured in Rolling Stone, Frost's hip-hop-styled sound, combined with a classic Texas-flood blues, makes for a powerful listening experience that strikes the ears with an unfamiliar pleasure. Perhaps the most mystifying aspect of Max Frost's career is how he hasn't blown up yet. His single "White Lies," which provides an irresistible synth lead followed by a smooth voice, is featured on a Beats by Dre commercial and has been spinning on radio stations across the country. "Nice and Slow" is another must-listen song on Frost's EP. A psychedelic arrangement of slow moving synth beats and voice filters create for another irresistible track by the Austin local….”

“Max Frost is a quickly growing sensation who already has many fans around the world.cHe is most known for his song 'White Lies' but has other songs such as 'Glow Long' and 'Nice and Slow.' His music videos are emotional and captivating, and tell a story, controversial to many main stream artists presently, and his lyrics always relate. At the moment he is filming another music video (Indicated by recent Twitter and Facebook posts) which I, among many other people are looking forwards to seeing. Max Frost, who sings, also plays a range of guitars in his songs as well as during live performances.”

“Opening the show was Austin native, Max Frost. A virtual unknown in these parts, Frost won over the crowd with a combination of all-American good looks and a knack for doling out impressive white boy grooves. An aficionado of soul, R&B, and especially old school funk, Frost delivered a set steeped in night rhythms and baby making music. In addition to the deep bass lines and jazzy horns (via keyboard synths), Frost showed off his talent for quickly switching between instruments, at one point killing a solo on the rhythm guitar while a bass guitar simultaneously hung around his neck. Frost had a sleek, doo-wop vibe that only needed a live sax player to fully flesh out his backing band. He won us over with an inspired cover of Rick James’ “Living In America” – a brave and bold choice considering 90% of the fans in attendance had never heard the funk classic before.”

“The first Max Frost was the protagonist in the 1968 teen movie Wild In the Streets. The second Max Frost was born in Austin, Texas in 1992. He started musically when he was eight and started sitting in around Austin when he was 12. It was a hobby til it forced him to leave the University of Texas as an English major to dive in headfirst. His first single “White Lies” on Atlantic was a big hit and spawned the EP this track is on. If you can wade through the hip-hop electronica you can glimpse a bit of Frost’s fire here on "Glow Long."”

“Max Frost, a laid-back and suave crooner with a minimalist soul bent whose best songs include "White Lies" and "Sunday Driving," will open the show [for Fitz & The Tantrums].”

“10 New Artists You Need to Know: September 2014 Max Frost - Sounds Like: Heart-felt soul crooning atop songs that lie somewhere between blues, R&B, hip-hop and electronic pop; For Fans Of: Justin Timberlake, Mayer Hawthorne, Gorillaz; Why You Should Pay Attention: Frost, 22, was a wayward musical soul in his hometown hotbed of Austin, playing in blues & roots bands & collaborating with hip-hop artists before he dropped out of college to focus on solo material. "White Lies," an up-tempo dance-pop number that's super-sized hooky like Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" or Pharrell's "Happy" set music blogs afire with no promotion when it was independently released last spring…. He Says: "I was in a slump after South By [Southwest] 2013 because my instruments & 2 years of music got stolen with a hard drive in a backpack that got taken. I'd lost everything I'd ever made. Then this blog picked "White Lies" up off of SoundCloud, & then more kept picking it up.” [click link & scroll sidebox for mor”

“Local Wolves: With us at Local Wolves magazine, we are all about showcasing the local scene. Can you share with us some of your favorite spots in Austin, TX? Max Frost: The original Taco Deli at Barton Skyway is the jam for food! Saxon Pub is a great place to check out music. I also recommend the Laser Tag facility as dorky as that sounds, off Ben White. It's like three stories. Loads of fun. (Full interview & photos by Annie Jacobs -- Local Wolves, Issue 17, pages 30 - 33)”

“After playing a few rounds of Mario Kart in our green room, indie-soul crooner Max Frost took to the Radio Milwaukee stage for a special studio session last week. Although busy from touring with Fitz and the Tantrums, and despite the fact that he wasn’t playing a local show, Max Frost decided to make a pit stop in Milwaukee and delighted us with a mostly-acoustic run-through of three songs off his debut EP Low High Low. Max Frost is turning heads in the music world for blending electronic elements with old-fashioned grooves. So, when Frost stepped onto the stage with only an acoustic guitar in hand and a surprising absence of electronic equipment, I wondered what would ensue. Turns out, the warm rhythms and loose, funky vibe of Frost’s tunes carried over almost magically with simple percussion and restrained guitars. In the chilled-out, stripped-down arrangements, the main feature of his performance became his stunning raw vocal talent.....”

“It was nothing but a dance party ....my friends and I had another music-filled night at the Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater for the Nitefall on the River concert. Max Frost opened for Fitz & The Tantrumms and got the crowd ready for the main event.”

“One song can open a lot of ears. For Max Frost, that song was “White Lies,” an upbeat number about paranoia which was released in April ’13 and gradually lodged itself in the brains of all who heard it (the song was featured in a Beats by Dre ad, which surely helped). You can hear the Austin-based musician’s influences — Beatles, Sam Cooke, OutKast, Erykah Badu — in his fare. It’s a winning blend, as evidenced on the EP Low High Low.”

“Pop-soul singer / Atlantic artist ... Max Frost talks about his upcoming ... album & tour with Fitz & The Tantrums. ... his album is finished & he is in the mixing process. "I don't have a title ... yet, but it has a lot of tempos & is similar to the sound of 'White Lies.' I might release some of the new music as a new EP." "We are already 7 or 8 days into it [tour] & it has been awesome. The fans have been super-responsive ..." ... His song "White Lies," hailed by Paste Magazine as one of the "Best Songs of 2013" was used in a Beats by Dre commercial. "That ... was the beginning of everything. It has opened up a lot of doors for me...." Frost penned the song "Sunday Driving" when he was 18 ... the first song he ever released. In the future, Frost will be filming more music videos for his songs & be on the road a lot more. "I want to be ... a writer & producer with as many projects as possible. My passion involves writing songs, making records & collaborating...with other artists..."”

“Producer / songwriter Max Frost developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. Max became a musician when he was 8, learning guitar simply because music was always around him and he loved it. He started playing shows at 12 and collaborated with a diverse array of artists like Austin icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. After hearing musicians like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo in his late teens, Max began incorporating hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modern rhythms with classic vintage tones in his music. In September 2012 Frost decided to leave the University of Texas-Austin, where he was studying English, to pursue his solo career. The musician released a single, “White Lies,” a boisterous number that expresses the feeling of paranoia one finds in a relationship and reflects that aching fear of betrayal, in April 2013. The track hit No. 1 on The Hype Machine ....”

"White Lies," the new single from promising Atlantic Records singer-songwriter Max Frost, injects some soul into a recent Beats by Dre TV commercial, & has now been paired with a stark new music video. Watch .. "White Lies", premiering exclusively on Billboard.com...The black-&-white video ... exudes a certain stylishness as Frost & his female companion pal around Venice Beach & downtown Los Angeles. Soon, however, the sultriness begins to haunt the songwriter, who drifts in & out of focus before settling down with a memory. "I wanted the video to move like the way a relationship moves, with increasing intensity and insanity as it nears its end," Frost says of the "White Lies" clip. ...the Texas native is prepping his Atlantic debut for an early 2014 release.

“Austin, TX based producer and songwriter Max Frost has an eclectic mix of talents. The English major-turned artist combines hip-hop elements with his blues-inspired stylings to produce a sound unlike any other. Max Frost opened up about his experience as an artist, which includes his track “White Lies” being featured in a commercial by Beats Electronics. Check out the full interview ....”

“Max Frost … When I hear an artist with as much talent as he has, I feel it is my legit duty to help spread the word. … He has that rare blend of natural charisma, confidence and showmanship that can’t be taught and oozes soul within every song. His songs sound like an eclectic mix of a wide range of different genres combined. Hip hop, funk, pop, rock, alt, & r&b – all wrapped up in one. … Frost’s music will simply make you feel. (his music may also give you an uncontrollable urge to sway and dance. don’t say I didn’t warn you.) … If you get the chance to see him live, do it! He’s an insanely talented artist that’s bound to become a worldwide star very soon.”

“Austin singer Max Frost played a pitch-perfect, genre-bending set that combined indie pop, neo soul, a couple of other influences that I couldn't quite place. In the space of one song, Frost's music will make you think of everything from Jamiroquai to Alt J to Foster The People. Perhaps the most apt comparison, though, would be the latter band's lead singer, Mark Foster - although their styles are completely different, Max Frost displays the same level of energy and showmanship as the other M.F.”

“In a world where nearly every musician is put into a genre-specific box, we have been graced with a handful of artists as of late that defy that game. Someone that refuses to be put into a box is producer and songwriter Max Frost. We first mentioned Frost early last year after Atlantic Records Chairman Craig Kallman told us they’d just signed Frost to the major label. Hailing from Austin, TX, Frost developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects while in his teens. After hearing the likes of Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, Frost began to incorporate hip-hop elements and touches of R&B into his blues-infused music. The result can be found in his debut single, “White Lies” which exploded online when it was released, topping The Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Now”... the infectious track was featured in a ... Beats Music commercial. The song is .. from his five-song debut EP Low High Low which was released last year and has been building a foundatio”

“Max Frost Meets Jeff Tweedy … Max spent two days ...with … the Wilco frontman ... in Chicago. "I just wanted the conversation, to glimpse his perspective on the industry & living & working as a creative person. He turned out to be even more insightful than I thought. Jeff keeps himself in a really healthy, creative place & has a realistic & wise outlook on the music world." ... Tweedy oversaw Frost's recording routine ... then ... co-wrote a track. Frost played percussion & keys, Tweedy contributed acoustic guitar and bass … the track should be available online soon…. Frost now focuses on … the LP ("making one song at a time, there were no rules") ... working with A-list musical director Onree Gill ... on ... a new band & stage show for a big summer tour. "My live show is going to have a serious rebirth," promises Frost ... there was too much disparity between his modern recordings & a bluesy live band. "It's time to reinvent the vibe in a way that represent the rec”

“Max Frost Strikes While the Iron's Hot (INTERVIEW) I first met Max Frost when he was an underage kid playing to an empty room at Trophy's (now C-Boy's Heart & Soul). I kept trying to serve him beers and he wouldn't drink them; I found out later how young he actually was, and I was surprised. The kid is well-spoken and his musical abilities are wise beyond his years. I recently caught up with Max as he was just finishing up in the studio out in Los Angeles. MORE....”

“The Austin Chronicle proclaimed that Max Frost released a "soul pop gem with nimble vocal delivery, suspicious lyrics, and an irresistible groove" and we couldn't agree more. Today's Top Tune is "White Lies," from his CD, Low High Low.”

“TODAY’S TUNE: ‘WHITE LIES’ by @MaxFrost. Have a listen to this fun and incredibly catchy song ... Max Frost is a singer, producer and songwriter from Austin, Texas. White Lies first gained success with the help of The Hype Machine which gave Frost enough expose to secure a deal with Atlantic Records.Max Frost’s EP Low High Low is out now via Atlantic Records.”

“Watch the video interview with ALT 98.7 iHEARTRadio at the Grammy Gifting Suite 2014! http://bit.ly/1ityALv”

“Max Frost developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. Max became a musician when he was eight, learning guitar simply because music was always around him and he loved it... started playing shows at 12 & collaborated with a diverse array of artists like Austin icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. Later, he began incorporating hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modern rhythms with classic vintage tones in his music. [He] released a single, White Lies, a boisterous number ... in April 2013. The track hit No. 1 on Hype Machine ... in April & May, & Max suddenly found himself with a far greater audience than Austin, TX. ... his debut EP, Low High Low, is an opportunity to showcase the way he pulls in aspects of various styles, from blues to funk to electro to hip-hop to pop, and fuses them together in a new way.”

“Signed to the label giant Atlantic Records, Max Frost is a producer and songwriter coming out of Austin, TX with a blissful hip-hop / soul vibe. After leaving the University of Texas-Austin in September 2012 to pursue his solo career, it wasn't too long before Frost released the single 'White Lies' which to date has clocked up 800,000+ plays on Soundcloud! The track features on the Beats by Dr Dre commercial and is sublime.”

“LOW HIGH LOW EP -- 4 Out of 5 Stars --The catchy, jaunty single White Lies is ... an exciting opener to the EP .... Nice and Slow lives up to its steamy title...Glow Long may recall a bit of Suit & Tie but is not as frigid...Suspended Animation...would be great to wake up to... The feel-good Be Who You Want To Be should be a single in its own right....Frost’s contribution ... stands out as a more musically timeless, warmer and less misogynistic fusion of electronic production and old-school rhythm. Listeners should look forward to the full-length by this talented musician.”

“Texas native Max Frost was already playing shows by the age of 12, and in 2012, he dropped out of college to pursue a solo career. Less than a year later, music blogs took notice of his song "White Lies." The 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist signed to Atlantic this year on the strength of just two singles. His debut EP (Low High Low) was released in October following appearances on KUTX, music festivals UtopiaFest and ACL, and a tour with fellow Austinite Gary Clark Jr. The EP mixes radio-friendly pop, blues and vintage tones; Frost says it's "influenced by everything [he's] ever heard."”

“[Sunday Listening] Low High Low – Max Frost -- Beyond that adorable face (amirite?), Max Frost has got everything my ears (and eyes) need right now. I also thoroughly enjoy the lo-fi he’s thrown over his provocative vocals, it only amplifies his range it seems.”

“Aside from being uber awesome and landing a commercial for the Beats by Dre Color Solo Commercial, I connected with the very few lyrics I heard from Max Frost‘s hit “White Lies”. Being madly and truly in love with someone I never imagined I would think I was going to start a family with, was a long, and still is, a stressful journey. Because of my stupid decisions involving an ex boyfriend, our love was broken, but had not died. For ten months I went without us together, trying not to see or talk to him, and there was a moment in time I was proud of growing up and being without him. I will restate – the love never died, concluding, true love never dies.”

“Its great to see Max Frost name pop up through my inbox, its good to hear from the Austin TX artist. Its been a while since Max has blessed Dats Dope with his talent but he is back with some dope work. Max brings us his upcoming project Low High Low, which he delivers a wide range styles throughout the project. There is not one specific sound that I can pick out but it just sounds like a little bit of everything thrown at you with greatness haha. White Lies will probably end up being the top song for many as its been getting heavy play lately but songs like Glow Long are equally amazing. The 5 song album is perfect thing to cruise to or to jam to while doing some errands…… caution though a lot of random foot tapping and body jerking may occur while doing these errands so scratch that and just rock out to a dope project. Max Frost delivered a real smooth clean project, Low High Low is out on iTunes and Google Play.”

“It’s not every day we encounter an artist who combines multiple genres into one unique and very holistic sound that just, well, works....multi-instrumentalist Max Frost’s influences come from “everything he’s ever heard.” An admission that’s evident in his Adam Levine styled tenor, albeit infused with a unique staccato, or the Gnarls Barkley soul with an added electro-pop edge... an alluring enigma of an artist that can’t be pigeonholed in a category, and subsequently, neither can his new EP .... “White Lies” has already received rave reviews due to its accessible power pop characteristics – filled to the brim with punchy vocals, clever guitar rifts and strategically placed synth snippets. Another standout single is “Suspended Animation,” a swingy ballad featuring video game sounds and a funky folk sing-speaking style reminiscent of Shawn Mullins and 90s alt-pop. The EP .. a five-song sampler platter spanning 16 minutes (and just as many genres) that doesn’t ”

“Austin should be very excited about the momentum that homegrown talent Max Frost has found. The all-around musician released his Atlantic Records debut EP Low High Low Oct. 8, just days after playing on the Austin Venture stage at the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival. In the middle of a national tour with Gary Clark Jr., Frost and his band played the legendary Waterloo Records stage Sunday afternoon for what is certainly a right of passage in his home court. Low High Low has been on sale for nearly two weeks online but physical copies can only be found at Waterloo. Yes, his first single "White Lies" is a banger, but Frost's performance Sunday showcased that he's not aiming to be a one-hit wonder. In fact, he played a set that was rich with potential singles. Oh, and for those who are interested, there was one very cool local legend in attendance: Chris Layton....Frost will be playing a special New Year's Eve show at the W Hotel. ..this show will ... sell out fast.”

“Popping Up: Max Frost --- Austin-based artist/producer Max Frost achieved the rare feat of topping Hype Machine’s ‘Most Popular Tracks’ twice with breakthrough single “White Lies”. The enormous online hype helped land the newcomer a deal with Atlantic Records and signaled the arrival of an extremely promising newcomer. A perky synth-soul explosion that dementedly pieces together his lady’s suspicious activities, the above-mentioned paranoia-laced pop track is instantly hummable alt-pop gem. But don’t expect to the former English major (he dropped out of college to pursue music — smart move, as it turns out!) to be defined by that record. Max’s debut EP Low High Low, which dropped October 8, dabbles heavily in roots and blues as well as exploring electronic elements and hip-hop influences. The budding star is still finding his sound but he’s a work in progress that is well worth following. Learn all there is to know about this talented Texan ....”

“After the Frost: Who is Max Frost and how did he land on Atlantic Records? "My only fear is that I don't want to be defined by one song." So says the blue-eyed 21-year-old riding shotgun in my Nissan. "That's one thing you run the risk of on a major label, and it's the one thing I'm really fortunate of with my situation: Craig Kallman, the CEO, and my A&R guy ...."I feel like they don't want to cash in on me and then let me go." Max Frost is talking about "White Lies," a three-minute acoustic footrace thrown over a hip-hop beat that sounds like the B-side to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." He wrote it in Los Angeles last summer and posted it to Soundcloud this March. By April, the song was No. 1 on certified Internet hitmaker the Hype Machine, bringing in some 300,000 listens and attention to second single "Nice & Slow," which also hit the top spot later that week with another 150,000 plays. Today, Frost boasts a multi-album deal with Atlantic Records. .... [more]”

“Interview: Max Frost -- Recently signed to Atlantic Records, Austinite Max Frost knows exactly where he came from and where he is going. Never mind that he labels himself a blues-playing guitar player who sings with a soulful voice and also produces hip-hop — this 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist creates music that has a retro feel and yet still feels modern. Jessica Alexander was able to meet up with him during Austin City Limits Festival 2013 to learn more about this multi-talented songwriting musician. ... READ MORE --> http://bit.ly/1ajq7oN”

“Max Frost signs record deal before taking ACL stage -- Max Frost played Blues on the Green in Zilker Park to the huge crowd earlier this summer. Now the local musician will return for the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Frost was recently signed to Atlantic Records and has a new EP on the way. He bills himself as a blues fanatic guitar player, turned hip-hop producer, turned soul singer. Find out more in the video above. [requires Time Warner Account]”

“Max Frost has come a long way since dropping out of the University of Texas. Discoverd by Atlantic Records after getting his music stolen, Frost took time to stop by the iHeartRadio tent to discuss how the last 6 months have gone in his career.. Read more: http://news.iheart.com/go/aclfestival/?article=11712102#ixzz2gyhuOJrn”

“Austin's Max Frost speaks with 101x' Lynn Lawless at Austin City Limits Festival 2013. He talks about his major label deal and touring with Gary Clark Jr. Max explains why he is the ultimate studio musician. [video interview -- watch here: http://www.roxwel.com/player/maxfrostacl2013101x.html]”

“Lest anyone get it twisted and begin to think of Max Frost as Austin's answer to Mayer Hawthorne or Robin Thicke, the young Austinite kicked into his ACL Fest set with a blast of rock that was more White Stripes than "White Lies" his soulful Internet hit that's slowly seeping into mainstream radio. And he did it well, he's totally credible as a rocker, but as the set progressed it became clear that it's the breadth of his vision that sets him apart from many of our city's guitar toting upstarts. Sure he can rock, but he also has the sensitivity of a soul musician. With one foot in D'Angelo's world and the other in Jack White's he's well placed to inhabit the deep pocket grooves of either. When his band drops into a jazzy soundbed he stretches his smooth croon and drops velvet toned guitar solos that are more about melodic effect than technical gymnastics. When they rock he can go hard, without losing the spaciousness of the grooves....”

“[web translation from French] The singer / songwriter / performer came from Austin, Max Frost was a resounding success with titles such as "White Lies" and "Nice & Slow" and is now back with a new EP: Low High Low ! Scheduled for October 8, we discover here first extracted with Suspended Animation ! The title is very fresh and the tone from the entry with this guitar against time! The singer then given the opportunity to ask her sweet voice on various agreements melancholic melodies! A converted try for this young artist who has made a habit of playing all the instruments of his productions! I especially like the chorus that really sound very fair but also the final with just electric guitar that has enough to satisfy the experts! Rhythm and melody for a pop song with a particular side, Max Frost side! Urges the EP!”

“After grabbing the attention of bloggers, record label execs, and Garry Clark Jr with his infectious single “White Lies”, Max Frost is back for a follow-up. This time he tackles an issue that most of us (especially procrastination-prone bloggers like myself) can relate to. “We all live on auto-pilot for phases of our life,” he explains. “I wanted the song to represent that but also give relief in the idea that it’s never too late to start taking control and to wake up. I feel awake in my life right now and I hope the song helps people feel the same.” After crunchy synths open the track, Max’s signature smooth vocals take over as he launches into a narrative that’s supposedly inspired by a personal friend of his. I hope that friend’s name isn’t actually Ted, or this could get super awkward for both of them. Anyway, stream the track below and watch the creation process of the artwork for his upcoming Low High Low EP (October 8).”

“Meet Max Frost Max Frost is a storyteller. He'll start a story, which leads into another story. So he'll start that story, which makes him think of yet another story. So he'll tell that one, too. But he always comes back around to finish up that first one. And as Max tells stories, his entire body narrates them: his eyes flinch, his voice drops a notch or two, his hands curl up in a ball; he's reliving every moment. As an audience, you don't have a choice but to live them with him. "I had a professor at UT...who's a young teacher there," Max leans into the shaky wooden table, elbows evenly balancing his weight. "He taught this huge class I was in - like three-hundred kids are there - at UT. I went up there after class - he [had] talked about how he was into music - I just handed him [my] CD - and it had nothing written on it...I just kind of walked away...I wanted to see, would he even remember who I was if I handed him this and he listened to it?" - See more at: http://ovrld.com/c”

“The last time we checked in with Max Frost was post-SXSW earlier this year when he came out with his insta buzz-building single, “White Lies“. While we may of put Max on the back burner since he released “White Lies”, it’s time to take him off that back burner and bring him back to the forefront because with the release of his new single, ”Suspended Animation”, this is a must. Max is destined for a great career in music; he’s caught in the perfect storm of a sound that’s made for the radio yet it does not alienate all those trendy listeners. It’s tracks like, ”Suspended Animation”, that make statements like that a no-brainer. Max’s new EP, LOW HIGH LOW, is set for release on Oct 8th.”

“Well friends, he did it again. Max Frost could win the award for “Songs That Will Have You Hooked Within 15 Seconds” if such an award ever existed. He accomplished this earlier in the year with his instant hit “White Lies” and now he’s back with a new gift “Suspended Animation”. Not only is it undeniably catchy thanks to the blend of a steady beat, spots of electronic shadows and Frost’s smooth vocals, but it is also incredibly relatable for our generation.”

“[Frankie Lee] Ahhh yes, the beauty of Twitter. My boy Kydd sent me a tweet last night with a link to this new video from Max Frost with Kydd on the feature. ..... Yo, this joint is pretty sick. I love the soulful feel Max delivers and the beat is so dope. It doesn't hurt that the visuals are high quality too. Press play, enjoy and treat your dry cleaners with respect.”

“[Suspended Animation - video premiere] Austin’s Max Frost came out of nowhere with “White Lies,” but it was the kind of song that did a lot of convincing. After a couple of critically acclaimed SXSW shows and that one single, Max put himself on the fast track to a promising career in music. Since then, he signed with Atlantic Records, finished his Low High Low EP for an October 8 release (pre-order it here), and scheduled over two months of tour dates with Gary Clark Jr. ..... Before the EP drops, we get another taste of what to expect with “Suspended Animation.” It’s a song Max wrote very recently and was inspired by someone he knows personally. “We all live on auto-pilot for phases of our life,” he says. “I wanted the song to represent that but also give relief in the idea that it’s never too late to start taking control and to wake up. I feel awake in my life right now and I hope the song helps people feel the same.””

“It’s been a big year for Austin singer songwriter Max Frost. Post-SXSW buzz, his track “White Lies” became a blogosphere hit. Since then, this 21 years young musician has signed with Atlantic Records and will be touring this fall with Gary Clark Jr in support of his forthcoming debut EP, Low High Low. B3SCI writer Brian Litwin recently had the chance to catch up with the young pop star in the making to chat about his massive year, song concepts, Geddy Lee, Texas BBQ and more! Have a look at their chat below. More ... http://blahblahblahscience.com/pop/interview-w-max-frost/”

“Big things are on the horizon for 21-year-old Austinite Max Frost, who incorporates fresh beats into his pop/soul songwriting. Atlantic Records will release debut EP "Low High Low" on October 8, three days after the multi-instrumentalist plays ACL Fest. Frost kicks off a tour opening for Gary Clark Jr. Sept. 26 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. University of Texas dropout Frost will play a free instore at Waterloo Records on Oct. 20, after the tour with fellow Austinite Clark Jr. winds down. The new EP includes "White Lies," the danceable online smash that got Frost signed.”

“Max Frost is fast establishing himself as an Austin music renaissance man. As a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and hip-hop producer, Frost is all at once associated with local acts such as Bob Schneider, Ruby Jane and Kydd Jones. He may only be 20 years old, but Max’s versatility as a musician and producer is matured to a point that artists twice his age vie for. That versatility is certainly reflected in Max’s music, which echoes with sounds of rock and R&B, and we were lucky enough to recently have him play in Studio 1A – just a few weeks before he rocks the Austin Ventures Stage at ACL 2013 on Saturday, October 5! http://bit.ly/1eqbFAP”

“The first jam I’ve heard from singer/songwriter Max Frost is certainly a promising one. This guy is the jack of all trades as he plays every instrument used in this track, writes the lyrics, and lays down some awesome vocals over the top. From Austin, Texas Frost combines electro, pop, folk, and a hip hop vibe into his music. He has a very strong funk influence that reminds me of Citizen Cope with a more of a pop feel to it. Frost explains his musical creation process as “engineering a musical spaceship to fly into outerspace.” This is a great summer jam and certainly one that is a must download in my opinion. Stay tuned for more to come from this extremely talented artist in the near future.”

“The first time I heard “White Lies” I was convinced it was a new Electric Guest song. Little did I know, Austin, TX native Max Frost was the creative force behind the fun, indie-pop track as well as several others that I quickly came to love…”

“Max Frost signs to Atlantic Records and announces tour details (US) Atlantic Records has announced its signing of singer/songwriter, Max Frost. The Austin-based musician will release his much-anticipated debut EP, entitled Low High Low, on October 8th. Low High Low is heralded by the genre-smashing single, White Lies, which arrives on September 17th. The track – which previously hit #1 on The Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Now” chart in both April and May of this year – will be accompanied by a companion video clip, slated to follow the single’s digital release. . The multi-talented 21-year-old tunesmith will celebrate the release of Low High Low with his biggest tour schedule to date. Frost will accompany his fellow Austinite, Warner Bros. recording artist Gary Clark Jr., on a major North American tour, kicking off September 26th at Los Angeles’ The Wiltern.”

“Max Frost is definitely an artist to watch. So much talent. I’m not sure how I would classify his music – mix of soul, hip hop, feel-good, alt, blues, funk, fresh, rock. Normally the greatest artists have a wide range of influences which translates into their music and I believe Max is one of them. If you were to take the greatest bits and pieces from each genre of music and blend it all together to create this unique new sound – that’s how I would describe his music. Catchy, unique, feel-good tunes.….He just signed to Atlantic Records and is releasing an EP later this year …. I’m so excited to hear the EP – I’m sure he’s going to be topping the charts soon and doing big things.”

“Local musician Max Frost signed with Atlantic Records in June. That’s a really big deal for Austin and fellow Austin musicians. Who is Max Frost you say? Well, the 21-year-old is no stranger to the Austin music scene. Max has been playing local gigs for almost a decade, but only in the last couple of years has he stepped out of the shadows and into his own by creating some of the most soul pumping funk rock this town has heard. With friends like Bob Schneider and Kevin McKinney, he must know a thing or two about writing music. AFM sat down with Max before his July 25 performance at Unplugged at the Grove to find out more about the Austin native and what’s next in his career....”

“Max Frost has a unique soulful sound. It's smooth and bluesy but modern, if that makes sense. Not only does this song have a great beat/sound but the lyrics are even better. Have you ever been in a relationship and your significant other was acting odd? You had the sneaky suspicion that they were cheating but no hard evidence. Yeah, that feeling SUCKS. Max Frost nails that feeling in this song "White Lies."”

“Years of fine tuning have finally paid off for local soul singer Max Frost. In June, the 20-year-old signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. Frost became an overnight summer sensation when his track "White Lies" reached the top spot on Hype Machines's charts. An EP is expected later this year. Catch Frost when he plays the ACL Music Festival in Oct.”

“Max Frost - “White Lies” - It’s nice to be clued into someone that you know is about to blow it out of the water. Max Frost is that someone.”

"Nice and Slow" is without a doubt my favorite song from Austinite Max Frost. If you're digging it too, you can catch him along with Bob Schneider next month (July 10th) at KGSR's Blues on the Green. The show is at Zilker Park and is absolutely free, so you have no excuse.

"Max Frost is a young guy, he's a singer songwriter....I really think he's just really great. We just came across him recently and already -- I don't think he has an album out yet at all -- but already he's playing Austin City Limits Music Festival, he's playing Blues on the Green, we may be doing a show with him later this month on a show we have called Living Room Live." -- CJ Vinson VIDEO: http://www.wfaa.com/entertainment/The-Session-music-production-talk-local-Texas-talent-Emily-Wolfe-performs-211576781.html

“A friend introduced me to this video a few weeks ago and fell in love so much with this song. Something about this Austin, Texas’ Max Frost‘s “My Walk” track is so chilled and so vibey. That good good feel-good feeling. Definitely an exciting new act to watch out for.”

“When you come across a sound so familiar, but yet so different, you can’t help but explore it more. I’ve listened to every single one of Max Frost’s tracks on Soundcloud, and not one is the same, however each single song that plays, you know it’s the same artist. I love that ability in a singer songwriter, and it’s something so many try to do, yet so few succeed. I recently got a hold of the new Phoenix album for example and every single song sounds the same. Not a pleasant listening experience IMHO! .. And this track seems to heavily influenced my Gnarls Barkley. I’m loving the sound of this guy! His other tracks on Soundcloud are all also awesome. Keep them coming Max, we’re loving your work.”

““White Lies” :: couldn’t think of a better track to kick off an upbeat weekend mix. this song can best be described as “pop-funk” – littered with crunchy synth hits and a funky bass line. you’ll be dancing in your chair. that’s a fact.”

“Austin’s Max Frost has created the catchiest song about cheating maybe ever on “White Lies”. The sly funky track has a very distinct Electric Guest/Broken Bells sound going on, leading to the proclamation that this should only be played in speakeasys that still like to pretend that prohibition is around. Stay tuned for the video soon.”

“[Web translation from French] Max Frost, Austin in your living room -- Max Frost is the last nugget pop vogue is appropriate musical blogosphere for two months. A native of the Austin music scene in the United States is his destiny path. Its title White Lies has everything to succeed , leading, again in chorus with some more moments isolated guitars make everything warm. A piece that will appeal to the people and when I say that, it's nothing pejorative, however. I rise also against all those well-meaning people who in fact as soon as a group is adored by more than 999 people (only a slight exaggeration ..) on the Facebook down in flames because "too popular." We also want to listen to another funky production of Max Frost, Sunday Driving , more 'smoothie' as the previous song .”

“Max Frost, Austin dans ton salon - Max Frost est la dernière pépite pop en vogue que s’est approprié la blogosphère musicale depuis deux mois. Originaire de la scène musicale d’Austin aux Etats-Unis son destin est tout tracé. Son titre White Lies a tout pour réussir, entrainant, repris en choeur avec quelques instants de guitares plus isolés pour rendre le tout chaleureux. Un morceau qui va plaire à la population et quand je dis ça, ça n’a rien de péjoratif, au contraire. Je m’élève d’ailleurs contre toutes ces personnes bien pensantes qui de fait dés qu’un groupe est adulé par plus de 999 personnes (à peine exagéré..) sur Facebook les descendent en flamme car « trop populaire ». On en profite également pour s’écouter une autre production funky de Max Frost, Sunday Driving, plus ‘smoothie’ que le précédent morceau.”

“No easy last-name jokes this time please! Let us introduce you to Max Frost, a multi-instrumentalist from Austin TX, who has been making a name for himself across both sides of the Atlantic. Lots of bloggers lined up to feature his latest track with lots of positive words about the man. Max Frost describes himself as ‘a musical spaceship to travel into distant galaxies’, and his track White Lies might just underline that statement. It’s a catchy little masterpiece if you ask us! Give it a spin and let us know what you think!”

“Max Frost is blowing up. His name's been on everyone's lips the past few weeks thanks to his new single “White Lies,” which was named one of Paste Magazine’s “Top 25 Songs of 2013 So Far” and reached #1 on the Hype Machine. A second single “Nice & Slow” is following in its footsteps with an unbeatable mix of soul, R&B and electro-pop. Check out his track "Sunday Driving" featuring Kydd too. He's got a range and style that sounds a lot like Jamie Lidell. You can catch him at the 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival. And at Blues On The Green before that.”

“Austin’s own Max Frost is a talented singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His popularity has skyrocketed in the past few weeks on the back of his new single “White Lies,” which was named one of Paste Magazine’s “Top 25 Songs of 2013 So Far” and reached #1 on the Hype Machine. A second single, “Nice & Slow,” has bloggers pledging allegiance to his accessible mix of soul, R&B, and electro-pop.”

“There’s alotta music that sounds nice, but few become all that memorable. To have a sound you know you’ll be listening to for a good long while, as sparing as that while may be, is what we look for in music. I first caught wind of Max Frost with his ‘White Lies’ track that’s topping the charts on the Hype Machine right now. And as memorable as ‘White Lies’ may be, what I didn’t expect was to find a bunch more memorables. Frost’s SoundCloud is littered with funky hick jives that are all single worthy in the own right. His monophonic, vinyl like vocals could only be topped off right with such slick, memorable choruses. I’ll be looking at every one of his tracks with a keen ear now since I haven’t found even one mediocre song yet.”

“Cheating is no good. Songs about cheating on the other hand, have a habit of being super catchy. This one is no exception. I highly recommend following up "White Lies" with the slow and sexy "Nice and Slow". Max Frost is turning out some solid jams. You can grab them for free on his Reverb Nation page. site // facebook ”

“Max Frost is a multi-instrumentalist who began his solo-cholo career in Austin, Texas. His elbows went up as he hit the drums. He leaned side to side as he sung. His sounds are arranged like an eclectic toddler's clothing. He's a self-acclaimed "citizen of Earth, creating a musical spaceship to travel into distant galaxies." I don't know what this lad is on, but I sure hope my kids get some.”

“Girls can be deceitful. FACT. Sorry Emmy. This song is about Max, “picking up really sketch vibes.” from his “woman [who's] been telling [him] lies.” It has got that same indie funk feel you might have gotten after the first time you heard Electric Guest’s, “This Head I Hold.””

“I’m back. Bearing gifts! This time I ask you prepare yourself for some glowing acoustic/electronic sonics. Max Frost, native of Austin, TX, is a multi-instrumentalist pumping out songs full of life and stylish lyrics that will get your grandparents two-steppin. “White Lies” is the most played song on his soundcloud and is my personal favorite out of his small collection (for now). Be sure to check out the awesome video for single “Nice & Slow” and connect with him on twitter. Twitter Bio: “Engineering a Musical spaceship to travel into Outer Space””

“Talk about talent. Frost is a young multi-instrumentalist from Texas that wrote this brilliant song and played ALL the parts. He has an amazing soulful style that plays off of pop/hip-hop influences. This song is catchy, musically interesting and just really blew me away at the first listen. Coming out of Austin, Texas, Frost has been playing music since he was really young and his broad range of skills is really shown off here and in his much slower and darker track Nice and Slow.”

“Like Gnarls Barkley, Electric Guest, and Broken Bells? Check out Max Frost. Without any help from Danger Mouse, this Austin-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has won us over with a little bit of that high energy, genre-bending pop. "White Lies" is the jam.”

“It seems Max Frost has picked up a lot of steam since I originally came across him while wasting time this past Tuesday. I've seen him pop up in a couple other places and I just came across another release of his, Nice & Slow. Each song has its own distinctly funk/soul backbone to it, but they have each somehow been twisted and contorted into a more disaffected version of themselves. In the end, they both come out as if you were having a modern R&B/Soul tune emphatically whispered to you, a very Gnarles Barkly-ish effect. Check out both of his newest releases as we eagerly await more.”

“As if Austin, TX, wasn’t musically famous enough for SXSW now Max Frost is bound to put his town on the map again. His slinking, funked up jams are crafted to burrow deep in your mind and pull out deep thoughts and even deeper dance moves. Get into “White Lies” to warm up and :Nice and Slow” to cool down. Two sides of a damn talented coin.”

“[Bun B headlined the show] Opening the show were indie hip-hoppers Digital Wild, electro DJ Bagheera and local stud Max Frost. Fans of Austin's local scene should keep Frost on their radar as his latest single, "White Lies", has caught national attention recently by topping the Hype Machine charts. Playing in the support slot for Bun B, Frost delivered a grooving set that surprised many in the hip-hop heavy crowd. It's an exciting time for local music and if Frost is any indication of what's to come, things are going to be just fine in the "Live Music Capitol of the World".”

“...today's song is called "White Lies", and it's by Max Frost. This is a really cool song. Has a really nice modern pop sound to it. It sounds like how pop should be. Catchy, but repetitive so we can sing along and get it stuck in our head.”

“Austin, Texas native Max Frost is a name to take note of. Despite his lack of publicity, his music will surely throw him into the spotlight soon enough. His Gnarls Barkley-esque voice, combined with the electro-synth production is a sight to behold. The bold vocals and catchy tunes are destined for radio, so take this opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and jump on the Max Frost Bandwagon. Go out, enjoy the beautiful weather and listen to two of his tracks: Nice and Slow and Sunday Driving.”

“Here's a nice upbeat feel-good track from Gnarls Barkley-esque artist Max Frost. It's got a comfortable old-school feel that you just immediately pick up. This is definitely worth checking out, and be sure to give him a follow on twitter.”

“How freaking sweet is this song. Its so pretty! And hellooooo killer voice! No surprises here that it's from Austin musician; Max Frost. Frost has most certainly graced the pages of A&D, for that earlier post, click here. He's a multi-instrumentalist with a voice that could melt butter. So nothing else to add here - just click play and sit back to enjoy.”

“[English] Max Frost is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas. To date he has released four songs Soundcloud application, most of them have a little R & B / funk. The song is on his new single "White Lies" is completely different from the three previous publications.”

“[Catalan] Max Frost és un cantant, compositor, productor i multi instrumentista de Austin, Texas . Fins ara ha publicat quatre cançons al aplicatiu Soundclou, la majoria d’elles tenen una mica de R&B/funk. La cançó del dia és el seu nou single “White Lies” és completament diferent respecte les tres anteriors publicacions.”

“Song of The Day: austin’s max frost is one soulful cat. his mix of funk and and r&b is especially lovable on one of his five tracks to date. “white lies” moves with slick speed and is undeniably catchy. shine your patent leathers and slide along to this.”

“[English] Discovery of the day! Max Frost , singer originally from Austin (yes in Texas ...) and making more and more about him, especially with his latest title "White lies" sound that sounds very Gnarls Barkley and begins to turn on music sites ( Johnwait.net remains in the first broadcast, I assure you ...) All of his songs are free downloads, proving that it is not yet widely known, but at this rate, it will soon be paying! A bit of soul, pop rock, funk, four titles to discover, you be the judge!”

“[French] Max Frost, chanteur originaire d’ Austin (oui oui dans le Texas…) et qui fait de plus en plus parler de lui, surtout avec son dernier titre « White lies » un son qui sonne très Gnarls Barkley et qui commence à tourner sur les sites musicaux (Johnwait.net reste dans les premiers à le diffuser, je vous rassure…) La totalité de ses morceaux sont en libre téléchargement, preuve qu’il n’est pas encore très connu, mais à ce rythme, ça va vite devenir payant ! Un peu de soul, de pop rock, de funk, 4 titres à découvrir, à vous de juger ! Pour se procurer sa musique, c’est”

“Have not heard from Max Frost in awhile but I get sent this gem in the inbox so thought I share the dopeness.”

“Texas native Max Frost comes out of nowhere and lays it down with his new track White Lies. This one will instantly hook you.”

“Max Frost is a new Austin singer-songwriter who effortlessly blends rock, hip-hop, soul and electronic music. His unique and soulful sound is a cross between Electric Guest and the Black Keys and it's pretty fantastic.”

“Three songs from Max Frost: Like a lot of new artists with a handful of SoundCloud uploads and a modest Facebook account, not much is known about Max Frost. What we do know is the guy knows how to keep a groove. Without sounding like a totally bombed hippie at your local farmer’s market who wears birkenstocks and raves about how “groovy” everything is, uh… everything about Max Frost is groovy. The genre tag on his excellent new single “White Lies” even says so. GROOVE POP. His mix of influences that draw from jazz, soul, electronic, hip-hop, and pop music has a lot to do with that, leading to more than a few comparisons to artists like Gnarls Barkley and Electric Guest. Check out a few highlights from his very brief catalog below.”

“Since his recent blowing up with his single, "White Lies", singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Max Frost is back with a some new digs and it's not even a day old from being released. It's hot and heavy, just waiting for our ears to press play. Frost is just oozing with funk and he's got soul that we've all been looking for in our lives. The best way to describe this track is, smooth? Just steezin' at its finest. Not sure if that makes sense. It's the song that you play when time starts morphing moments, ya know? "You've been a bad, bad girl you've been a bad, bad girl I will roll you nice and slow, all night"”

“[Web Translation] After listening to songs that are mainly composed with heavy feedback/drum beats, and synthesizer; Max's smoky and reverberating "Nice and Slow" intro opened our eyes with it's unique and refreshing sound. The mysterious kraftwerk like background beats that are almost similar to the sound of Chinese Pipa (a shallow bodied, 4 stringed Chinese lute) complimented by Max Frost's slow paced, calm, yet unboring vocal. It is certainly a beautiful experience to travel through the journey of this melody inside Max's inner world. This track transcribes a man's empty world tangled with complicated emotions and feelings. A great performance by the artist!”

“[Chinese] 在听了一连串的大回授、合成器和重鼓点之后一听到这首歌充满回声和烟雾的intro就让人不由眼前一亮。古怪的Kraftwerk般的背景气声、几乎有了中国味道的琶音衬托着Max Frost缓慢冷静但不乏焦灼的歌声,实在是一种颇为穿越神奇的内心体验。一个空旷房间里唯一一滩光内站着的一个男人,和围绕在他身边重重叠叠无法穿越的情感纠结,这首歌就是这样一个场景的音乐表现吧!”

“Best of the Week: Multi-instrumentalist Max Frost has just released 'Nice and Slow' but I still prefer the pace and vibe of his slightly earlier release 'White Lies'. Expect to hear a lot more from this guy.”

“Austin, Texas has such a rich musical background and tons of great musicians are making the city even more proud, like singer/songwriter/guitar player Max Frost. His latest tune "White Lies" is funky, it's got soul, and is an all-around feel-good tune, perfect for the usual Monday grind. The core of this song is pop, but as the beat kicks in you feel a multitude of things, all of which are positive. As mentioned on his Soundcloud page as well, he wrote/produced/recorded and performed all the instruments on this song. Now that is talent.”

“Today’s first essential track comes from writer/producer/musician extraordinaire Max Frost. Yup, he wrote, produced, recorded and played every instrument on this track. Color us impressed.”

“The up and coming, infectiously talented, Max Frost, returns to the scene today with something brand new for our listening enjoyment called “White Lies”. The track is a smooth, soulful, fun, poppy sounding track that finds Mr. Frost showing off his production and performance skills rather well. “White Lies” is driven by a smooth beat of organs, strings and drums that makes a up beat, infectious backdrop for his vocals. This shit is hard to get away from, check out the track after the jump and speak your mind below.”

“With Max Frost picking up steam which seems like everyday, he drops off his newest single "White Lies." The track has been said to be very reminiscent of Gnarls Barkley, Electric Guest, Mayer Hawthorne, and Outkast.”

“Up-and-coming and set to perform during SXSW this year, Max Frost, the native Austinite singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist is nothing less than a musical chameleon. Frost dances the line between blues, hip-hop, pop, and soul effortlessly and with obvious skill, so much so that I’ve almost forgotten that these genre distinctions ever existed in the first place”

“Max Frost is an Austin based music person who is either about to be really famous and successful or is about to have an enormous one hit wonder (and be pretty successful.) It’s anyone’s guess at this point because he only has four songs, but I think he’s going to excel. Or be using Microsoft Excel at work– life is crazy man. No sure things, one day you’re making awesome music the next day you’re straight wrecking spreadsheets. In all seriousness though I think he’s probably going to be huge– dude is gifted. Metaphorically, I don’t know if he’s a large person in real life. Specifics are tough, huh? Also, I don’t know who did this DC Mario map but it’s completely fantastic.”

“in ENGLISH: "The spring, the time for new artists to stand up and for us to predict what is going to make it at all this year. If I had money, I'd put it this man: Max Frost. He makes music for some time, but since two weeks his delirious state number White Lies online, with which equal the enormous power of this gentleman is clearly; He sing, he writes, he is producer and he also plays multiple instruments. Everything is so possible with this Texan and resulting in a mix of rock, hip-hop, soul and electronic music. In addition to White Lies is also Nice and Slow recently appeared, which is also not to be missed. "”

“in DUTCH: De lente, de tijd voor nieuwe artiesten om op te komen en voor ons om te voorspellen wat het helemaal gaat maken dit jaar. Als ik geld had, dan zou ik het op deze man zetten: Max Frost. Hij maakt al enige tijd muziek, maar sinds twee weken staat zijn waanzinnige nummer White Lies online, waarmee gelijk de enorme kracht van deze meneer duidelijk wordt; hij zing, hij schrijft, hij is producer en hij speelt ook nog eens meerdere instrumenten. Alles is dus mogelijk met deze Texaan en dat resulteert dan ook in een mix van rock, hip-hop, soul en elektronische muziek. Naast White Lies is recent ook Nice and Slow verschenen, welke ook zeker niet mag missen.”

“I just posted about Max Frost yesterday, and he just dropped another joint today. It’s called “Nice and Slow,” but it’s so obvious that this guy is moving very, very fast. At this pace, he’ll take over the industry by the end of the month. This one shows a slower, more reserved side of the artist, yet maintains the funk of “White Lies."”

“...today’s song is called “White Lies”, and it’s by Max Frost. This is a really cool song. Has a really nice modern pop sound to it. It sounds like how pop should be. Catchy, but repetitive so we can sing along and get it stuck in our head. This has got to be the most fun sounding song I have ever heard about someone lying, but I find that in itself pretty cool. I really dig the little passing synth notes as well. I think thats what gives me the impression that it is a modern pop song, or what modern pop should sound like. This song does not sound like a top 40 song. I’m also really digging the voice as well. Distant, and kind of sad, but strong enough to carry on in the song. (I may be stretching that a bit, but that’s what came in my mind).”

“.... this track from new Austin-based artist Max Frost is an absolute gem of a single. Drawing strong comparisons to Gnarls Barkley (not entirely unwarranted), “White Lies” is a hand-clapping finger wag against a shady former lover. Though, you may get too caught up in dancing along to notice.”

“Wow Frost has improved in maturity since his last track, a measely 11 days ago. There are hints of his vocal croon that are similar to his last track ‘White Lies’, but the maturity is evident in the way he holds his notes at such a low pace. His track ‘White Lies’ was one that went to catch on straight away. .... Nice and Slow sees Frost almost turn into a male version of Lana Del Rey, his slow croon dictating the track style in he same vein as Del Rey does on her Born To Die album. His voice still rings of Gnarls Barkley’s Cee Lo Green slightly but the tempo of the track moves him away from the R&B fence and moves him towards the Blues genre. Not many people could pull this style of with the level of hooks but still maintaining such vocal intergrity, it’s staggering. All from a guy who has just 5 tracks on his soundcloud page, we just can’t wait to see what he does with his next track.”

“After creating quite a stir upon the release of his catchy “White Lies” single, Austin-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Max Frost returns with a new track titled “Nice and Slow,” which features the same buttery smooth vocals and chilled-out grooves as the initial release. Both are worth your time, and even a replay or three.”

“I know this isn’t the type of stuff we’d usually post on TTM, but I feel like Max Frost is the next big thing coming out of pop rock, at least I think that’s the genre he falls under. Max recently put the internet in shock with his single “White Lies,” which has been on repeat all night. The Austin native takes all the credit on this one, producing, writing, and even being the one to compose the catchy instruments you hear throughout the song. Fall in love with “White Lies” below.”

“Austin artist Max Frost has got an inescapable draw to his music. "White Lies" blends soul, folk, and rock to bring us one very danceable jam.”

“Taking full advantage of his recently released blog-buzzing single “White Lies”, Max Frost is back with a new track already! “Nice and Slow” follows up with the same vocal mixing techniques (see Gorillaz/James Mercer) as “White Lies” but this time around we see a more slow-grooving backing instrumentation that allows Max to enter into a different set of emotions & topics. Stream this one below.”

“Perk up your ears for Max Frost, a new Austin singer-songwriter who blends rock, hip-hop, soul and electronica without breaking a sweat. You might say the multi-instrumentalist sounds like a cross between Mayer Hawthorne and Electric Guest, with maybe a dash of Broken Bells or The Black Keys. Or, maybe…well, you get the point, right? Before we throw you more comparisons, why not just check out his latest track, an instantaneously hip little ditty that can stand tall on its own, called “White Lies”.”

“All sorts of into this release from Austin, TX mystery man Max Frost. I have absolutely no details on the man, other then the fact that he’s from Austin and “White Lies” is owning me. It’s hard to believe that this is all recorded by one man — but that’s the way that it’s being relayed to me. Sounds like a three-piece band, but maybe it’s just Max layering different components of the song together all on his lonesome. Either way, I’m a full fledged supporter.”

“Nope, you’re not listening to Electric Guest or Broken Bells. But, I can’t blame you if you’ve confused Max Frost with the Danger Mouse-produced bands. Turns out Max is a solo act hailing from Austin. So far he’s released four tracks on Soundcloud, the majority of which have a sort-of R&B / funk feel — in fact, the contrast between the former three and this single “White Lies” is like night and day. Here’s hoping Max Frost continues down the Danger Mouse path!”

“Quando sarà diventato famoso, vi ricorderete chi ve l'ha fatto sentire per la prima volta?. ...questo polistrumentista di Austin non ha ancora pubblicato nulla..”

“Here’s another smash of a track as we’re hitting you up with monster set of tracks. Max Frost and the track ‘White Lies’ is gold. Eargold and not white gold!”

“I like to think I can sing like Max Frost, but I just can’t. I feel like “White Lies” is a song we all think we can make, but don’t have the ability, skill, or ability to pull it off. Max does it beautifully, rightfully, gaining comparisons to Gnarls Barkley on the way.”

“White mans got soul! Austin-ite Max Frost has written, produced and recorded a few singles to date but this one seems to have cracked its whip at my usual Anti-Pop tirades. The ‘pop-funk’ melody carries a mashup of hip hop sounds, and electronica instrumentals. A Gnarles Barkley-esque tune with some D’Angelo and Broken Bells drizzled over, it becomes an instant mood-changer. If you’re sitting you will probably chair dance – I warned you.”

“If this song does not put a pop in your step than I do not know what will. Max Frost is a multi-instrument performer and does all solo work. He has emerged within the past few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for him.”

“Something of a teen-prodigy, Max Frost was a regular on the Texas unsigned scene before he turned 18. Unfortunately however this local fame seems to have struggled to spread outside of his home state, but that is hopefully about to change. His newest release, White Lies, is a gorgeous track I simply can’t stop listening to, mixing funk, indie and a bit of soul producing a uniquely modern Southern sound. The track has been played over 100,000 times in the 21 days since its posting, so hopefully this marks his shift from relative anonymity to receiving the praise he duly deserves. If White Lies takes your fancy, I’d strongly advise you to give him a follow on Twitter, or check out his Soundcloud for more of the same, as I’m expecting big things from Frost in the near future.”

“Playback: Major Frost Who's Max Frost and how did the Austin native sign to Atlantic Records? Count Max Frost as the only Austin musician who's down with both Kydd Jones and Bob Schneider, or disparate company like League of Extraordinary G'z and Ruby Jane. The 20-year-old vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/hip-hop producer has the versatility to throw down with the blunted rap underground or the sensible KUTX milieu. Last week, Frost's manager posted to Facebook a photo of the singer at a table applying his signature to an array of documents, with satisfied businessmen watching closely. The accompanying text read: "Today Max Frost officially signed to Atlantic Records! Thank you to everyone who has been with him on this journey though it has just begun!" Frost declined to divulge details of the major label contract, offering only: "With the state of the industry and the fact that I'm basically a no-name, it's an incredible deal."... read more - http://bit.ly/19w882k”

““White Lies” is a quick, light, acoustic-driven jam that shows the potential of this up-and-coming Texan. Electronic bloops are spiked sporadically along with gospel background voices. It’s practically without a chorus, which might annoy some, but Frost’s consistent falsetto is interesting enough to charm most listeners. His style brings to mind Voxtrot, another group from Austin that has a similar aesthetic.”

“Atlantic Records [artist] Max Frost’s much-anticipated debut EP "LOW HIGH LOW," [released] October 8th, heralded by the genre-smashing single, "White Lies.” The track previously hit #1 on The Hype Machine's "Popular " chart. The multi-talented 21-year-old tunesmith will accompany Warner Bros. recording artist Gary Clark Jr., on a major N. American tour. An active presence on the Austin scene since high school, [Frost’s] knack for undeniably fresh beats and tight songwriting led to collaborations with such diverse artists as … Bob Schneider & hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. In September 2012, Frost opted to leave the University of Texas to focus on his increasingly fruitful musical career. He began … winning over new fans nightly with his electrifyingly idiosyncratic blend of soul, funk, hip-hop, pop, and electronica. "White Lies" proved his national breakthrough….the track's success catapulted "Nice and Slow," also on the "LOW HIGH LOW" EP to top 3 status on The Hype Machine rank”

“Austin, Texas is home to some of the best bbq restaurants on the planet, the largest urban bat colony in the world (I bet you didn’t know that), SXSW (I bet you did know that), and now Max Frost, the formerly under the radar musician who has burst onto the scene over the past few months with an onslaught of tracks that blend hip hop, funk, soul, rock and folk. Other than having an amazing comic book villain name, internet searches reveal very little on the man. His recent single, “White Lies,” is a soulful track that combines Cee Lo style vocals with the frantic danceable energy of Electric Guest. With songs like “White Lies,” it was only a matter of time before Frost became the new obsession of indie music blogs…and just about everyone else. Enjoy.”

“#14 of Top 25 Songs of 2013 So Far: This genre-blending single release from Austin, Texas’ Max Frost plays like a jolt of energy. Soulful vocals float atop a “Hey Ya” kind of groove.”

“DISCOVERY: MAX FROST --- Everything began early for Max Frost. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Frost started playing local gigs at the age of 12. By 16, he was opening for his current tourmate Gary Clark Jr. in the bands Blues Mafia. By 17, he switched from being a guitarist in bands to singing solo. Now only 21, the singer is releasing his first EP, Low High Low, via Atlantic. "It's based in pop," Frost says of his new record. "But it's got a blend of a lot of genres—I sing in a way that's blues, but I execute instruments in a way that's more funk or hip-hop." ........”

“You might just fall in love with Max Frost as soon as you hear him. His EP, Low High Low [iTunes link], has that kind of magnetic soul charm that's a hallmark of all superstars. His voice immediately resonates, while the songs themselves prove unshakable. It's a dynamic and diverse offering, introducing one of the most exciting new artists of 2013. In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Max Frost talks Low High Low and so much more....”

“Austin native Max Frost has been a very well kept secret—until now. The singer/songwriter played a couple of very well received SXSW shows but other than that, good luck finding much about him on the Internet. “White Lies,” his most recent offering, is a soulful dance-infused tune. It sounds the the product of an Electric Guest/Gnarls Barkley love child. The upbeat guitar mixed with the synthy electronic production come together to form a killer musical marriage. If this is what the newcomer has to offer below the radar, it will be very exciting to see what he comes up with once he breaks. If you dig “White Lies,” check out his video for his slow jam, “Nice & Slow.” If you ever wondered what would it would look like if coked out John Mayer and Patrick Bateman somehow came together as one, wonder no more. Warning: this video is a bit graphic.”

“Someone please, give me a good hiding! I deserve it. I missed Max Frost at SXSW and now I need some therapy to get over it… Max Frost is a solo artist from Austin, and you can hear the ‘oddness’ his hometown is renown for in his sound. I’d rather I didn’t know he is a chisel jawed hottie, and go with my imagination instead… He covers so many genres, he’s a singing contradiction; a soul man who wears a suit lined with the sequins of a disco king. A pimp who wants nothing more than to love you. A cigar smoker who sings in an octave normally reserved for choir boys whose balls have yet to drop. In my warped little mind there’s some kind of cross over with Christopher Walkden in that Fat Boy Slim vid and Electric Guest. (Max, this is a compliment you kooky boy!) I guess what I’m trying to say, this man has character. The magnetic kind you get jealous of in others as it highlights your own shortcomings. A toe-tappin’, lip-smackin’, skirt twirlin’ fusion of fun”

“Max Frost is an overnight sensation in the blogosphere. The Austin native has blown up over the course of the last two weeks, after ‘White Lies’ hit number one on Hype Machine’s weekly music charts. It’s received accolades from all over the place, including such highly respected music blogs as Pigeons & Planes, My Old Kentucky Blog and The Music Ninja. And like that, Frost is in talks with labels to put out his full-length some time later this year. And with ‘White Lies’ it’s not hard to see why. It’s immediately accessible and completely of-the-moment. As other reviewers have noted, it’s like a dancier Gnarls Barkley, a more hardass Broken Balls, a more electro-infused Mayer Hawthorne. There’s soul, R&B, electro-pop and more in this infectious track about infidelity that begins with a simple acoustic guitar riff and quickly grows into a bedroom-pop tour de force. And with over 5,000 spins a day on Soundcloud since its release, it’s evident that the song is growi”

“Riding the wave off his recent signing to Atlantic Records, up-and-coming Austin performer Max Frost played KGSR's Blues on the Green on Wednesday night along with Bob Schneider. Photos by Daniel Cavazos.”

“[English] pillow fight on the bouncy castle in slow motion [German] kissenschlacht auf der hüpfburg in slow motion”

“[Polish] Max Frost to na scenie muzycznej nowa postać. Pochodzi z Austin w Teksasie i jest wokalistą, songwriterem, a do tego gra na gitarze. Chłopak nie ma zamiaru ograniczać się jednym gatunkiem, deklarując się jako twórca hip-hopu, soulu, funku czy ogólnie, szeroko pojętej alternatywy. Faktycznie, sprawdzając pierwsze produkcje Maxa widać w nich zróżnicowanie i brak powtarzalności. No i oczywiście możemy wśród nich znaleźć tak pozytywny song, jak "White Lies". Ten funkujący track to kolejna porcja megapozytywnych brzmień, jak i spokojnego, chillującego klimatu. Utwór ma już ponad 100 000 wyświetleń na soundcloudzie, co jest bardzo dobrym wynikiem, jak na debiutanta. Wy możecie powiększyć tę liczbę jeszcze bardziej, do czego zachęcam.”

“Singer, songwriter and guitar extraordinaire Max Frost delivers on his newest track, "White Lies". Making his home of Austin, Texas proud, Frost explains his musical process as "engineering a musical spaceship to travel into outer space," and well, here we are up in the clouds upon first listen. This tune is nothing but feel good, up-beat and funk-influenced. The poppy guitar riff sets the mood immediately, while the soft electronic accents creep into the melodic composition. With only the help of a manager or two, Max Frost has released a handful of singles to-date, channeling what appears to be the lovechild of Citizen Cope (evident on "Sunday Driving feat. Kydd") and Pheonix, evident on "White Lies" itself. Influenced by the likes of D'Angelo, Jimmy Hendrix, Raphael Saadiq and Erykah Badu, Max Frost's relationship with the soul/alternative side of music is not one to pass up.”

“[web translation/Portugese] Max Frost is a relatively new artist in the music business. He began his career with mixing work for American parties, fancy until, little by little, it is no longer a local scene of Austin, Texas, to win the pages of several publications around the world. The attention that Max has received from the blogosphere is basically thanks to his first and only single so far, "White Lies". Sounding almost like a mixture of Broken Bells with the Electric Guest, the production seems more a work of Danger Mouse than the boy, showing however good references of funk/soul of the sixties, while the vocals in falsetto reminiscent to that of Tacone, Electric Wing Guest. Despite the similarities, the song does not cease to be fun, with cotton wool, guitar riffs, percussion out of compass and a distinctly funky atmosphere... Max currently finds himself in the Studio working on first album of new material, which should be released by the label Atlantic Records.”

“Three weeks ago, Max Frost, the 21-year-old Austinite signed to Atlantic Records on the strength of just two singles, performed live at KUTX, cooing three soulful tracks in preview of festival appearances at ACL and UtopiaFest. Out this week, Frost's debut EP Low High Low maintains none of the intimacy from that in-studio session and little of his live expansiveness. Instead, he opts out for five tracks of straight pop power, from the outrageously catchy "White Lies" through a reverb-heavy remake of longtime Frost favorite "Nice and Slow." There's three additional radio-ready tracks that Soundcloud allegiants will soon convert to memory. The 17-minute EP's energy will sway new listeners, but festival attendees and Eklektikos faithful know Frost offers more verve than LHL's straight-ahead style. Perhaps he should have taken a cue from tourmate Gary Clark Jr, whose dynamic Bright Lights EP toppled the world. Show 'em what you got, Max – the whole damn package.”

“Listen: One Of Wednesday's Blues On The Green Artists, Max Frost A few months back, 20 year-old Austin musician Max Frost landed the #1 song on The Hype Machine - a site that collects and ranks the most popular songs on the web. By now, over 300,000 people have listened to his latest single, "White Lies," on SoundCloud and all those plays caught the attention of Atlantic Records. Last month, Frost officially signed to the label. HERE is a piece from the Austin Chronicle about his Atlantic Records deal Frost and his band will play Blues On The Green Wednesday night, setting the stage for one of his most vocal supporters, Bob Schneider.”

“[German] In seiner Biographie beschreibt sich Max als Erdenbürger, der musikalische Raumschiffe baut, um ferne Galaxien anzusteuern. Das für uns am entferntesten klingende Universum nennt sich „Frühling“ - genau dahin fliegt „White Lies“. Es wird Zeit für Sonnenbrillen...”

“EXCLUSIVE: MAX FROST'S COLORFUL SONIC CONFETTI -- Here's a giddy blast of retro-leaning pop that ought to serve as the perfect mid-day pick-me-up. Max Frost is a young, up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist who cut his teeth in Austin's sweaty, happy, dive bar music scene before recently signing with our pals over at Atlantic Records. The tunes he peppers over the course of his debut EP run the gambit between that minimalist, RnB thing that seems to be cropping up everywhere, and more colorful sonic confetti. We especially like the sparky energy and pinch of soul at the heart of "White Lies". If that Electric Guest record got you going, Frost's upcoming EP is for you. Until it's released on October 8th, this is the only place you can get your hands on it.”

““White Lies” by Max Frost is a tune that I’ve been listening to all day and I can’t specifically pin-point why I like it so much. Perhaps it’s a mixture of every musical element that keeps the song simple but not super complicated. The lone guitar, simple drums, the background vocals in harmony with the beat, and of course the tempo of the song keeps things exciting. Whatever it is, give it a listen and hear for yourself!”

“I came across Max Frost when I was checking out the lineup for SXSW this year. He’s a young, new artist from Austin, Texas, and his songs kick ass. His newest single “White Lies” is being posted everywhere (including right behind Daft Punk on Hype Machine), and I want to make sure my readers give him a listen, too. It’s got a great groove to it. I’m by no means a music genius/expert, but I would categorize this as “awesome.””

“With a destined for radio sound, the Austin, Texas newcomer Max Frost, will look to make his mark on you with his catchy new single “White Lies”. With only a few songs on Soundcloud, the singer is just starting out, but if he can continue to put out material that runs along the lines of “White Lies”, expect to see some buzz going for this guy. Hit up his Soundcloud here to hear more of his music, or head on below and check out “White Lies”. [via Pigeons and Planes]”

“If you want to jive, try giving Max Frost's "White Lies" a hit of the 'play'. I don't know but this just gives me a sudden jolt of energy. Hmm maybe that's just the kind of magic the mix of soulful vocals and a "Hey Ya" level of groove brings about.”

“Interview with Max Frost -- Austin, Texas’ Max Frost has been making waves ever since releasing his song “White Lies” online. Newly signed to Atlantic Records, Frost is now on tour with Gary Clark Jr. and set to release his new EP Low High Low on October 8th. GroundSounds recently caught up with Max to discuss his background, his EP, and more!”

“[French] Le texan et multi-instrumentaliste Max Frost est un gars à suivre. On le compare souvent à Gnarls Barkley ou Mayer Hawthorne pour son univers éclectique mélangeant soul, jazz, electro et hip-hop. Son dernier single « White Lies » est plutôt accessible, pas besoin de plusieurs écoutes, il vous séduira immédiatement. Ça se passe juste en dessous.”

“After creating quite a stir upon the release of his catchy White Lies single, Austin-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Max Frost returns with a new track titled “Nice and Slow,” which features the same silky smooth vocals and radiant grooves throughout. Stream them both below.”

“Catchy indie that dabbles with electro beats.”

“Max Frost latest track “White Lies” carries a great combination of hiphop sounds and electronica instrumentals.”

“Diggin’ this choon.”

“OH MY GLOB I CAN’T STUDY THIS SONG HAS GOT ME GROOVIN. UGH. I need to study but I can’t stop thinking about this song I discovered this morning and I had to share with you guys.”

“Austin, TX native and multi-instrumentalist Max Frost is a name to keep your eyes on. He has an eclectic mix of soul, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop music that can be compared to Gnarls Barkley or Mayer Hawthorne. His latest track is the accessible, dancey “White Lies”. No need for multiple listens. This one will hit you immediately. Catch the buzz below.”

“Following the well-received pop-funk debut of ‘White Lies’. Max Frost returns with the effortlessly hip and soulful follow-up ‘Nice and Slow’. An exceptional electronic daydream mash-up with old skool Motown, the Texan with an impeccable soul sound is dazzling in the heavy-hearted homage to the pop-soul fusion. ‘Nice and Slow’ is the masterful mix of fetching electro-pop and rich soul, a haunting tune with Hendrix-like guitar riffs and a unique yet heart-wrenching tone. Max Frost is fascinating in the funk-a-delic pop record, a compelling contrast of 60s soul and catchy pop.”

““White Lies by Max Frost” is .... a fucking amazing rocking blues soul of a brilliant tune... because if he really did this on his own, sung, keys, guitar samples, that sketchy catchy rhymes ... hate it love it but you cannot ignore it,the rocking funky way modjo sung,and the soul jamirquai implement in his tunes ... i got the feeling like always when i hear a blockbuster comes up like GORILLAZ did ,this one could go this way from the first to the forth base ... i so hate this term but this is a SMASHING killer of a HIT which everyone get that this is a brilliant piece of music and by the way he is totally a catch wow he does look good , man god you are sometimes just cruel.”

“PBR&B – Max Frost – My Walk (Carry On) I am so impressed by the grooviness of this white Texan kid. He’s churning out hits and I’m actually surprised he hasn’t gotten more buzz. My favorite is actually “White Lies” but it doesn’t have a video yet …sighhhhhh. BlogWeeklyJamz why you need so many video”

“[German] Neeeeeein, das ist nicht ein neues Lied der White Lies, das Max Frost heißt! Wie sinnlos wäre das denn?! Genau andersrum. Max Frost, ist ein neuer Stern, der sich am Indie Pop Himmel auftut. Sein Song White Lies startet mit Aufwind durch einen Auftritt auf dem Newcomer-Festival SXSW im Rücken gerade senkrecht durch. Für mich ist es eigentlich fast schon wunderlich, dass man den Track nicht aus irgendeiner Werbung schon kennt, aber vielleicht kommt das auch einfach noch. Seine Mischung aus Gitarre und elektronischen Elementen wird mit vielem verglichen. Am passendsten finde ich die Einordnung in Soul, denn davon hat er viele Elemente. Man kann es aber auch einfach nur schön finden, das ist auch erlaubt!”

“... listening to his new track ‘White Lies’ it’s not hard to see why he is being banded about at the moment. His track ‘White Lies’ is one that will catch on straight away. When we first heard it we throught it sounded like a cross between Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’, Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ and something Danger Mouse would produce. The vocals are bold, fast paced and snappy. It starts off with something like Blackstreet’s No Diggity getting their funk on in time for a party, but there is a sense of modernality about the track. The vocals are superb against a beat that probably started off as a hand clap jam session.”

“Max Frost is a dude who has appeared on our radar in a big way. He's on the roster for ACL 2013, and you can get a preview of what he does this weekend as he plays with Bob Schneider at the Nutty Brown Cafe. Sweet video below...is that Bob in the leading role?”

“We found some gems and we wanted to share them with you! This week’s edition of New Music Monday features new music from Max Frost ....Could it really be the next Miike Snow?! Keep your eyes on this new emerging artist that is giving us something we haven’t really seen before. Check out the crazy video…”

“[French] Découverte : dans la galaxie lontaine de Max Frost --Il décrit lui-même son processus musical comme : « l’ingénierie d’un vaisseau spatial musical voyageant dans l’espace extra-atmosphérique ». Vaste programme donc. Et pour nous emmener si loin, Max Frost, chanteur, parolier et guitariste hors pair de son état a choisi d’osciller entre soul, funk et electro, distillant à loisir quelques touches de hip hop ici et là. Un itinéraire bien préparé qui parvient à atteindre son objectif puisque sa voix et ses prods ne semblent avoir été entendues nul part ailleurs. Originaire d’Austin, fier de son Texas natal, Max Frost s’illustre depuis ses 18 ans sur de nombreuses scènes américaines et européennes. Depuis, le jeune homme s’est fait connaître par le biais d’une poignée de titres publiés sur le web. Parmi ceux-là figure d’ailleurs l’excellent « Sunday Driving » en featuring avec le rappeur indépendant Kydd, acolyte d’Austin : [Sunday D”

“Just perfect!! By the very awesome Max Frost”

“Sings like Cee Lo, looks like Michael Buble. If your heart has a beat, Max Frost will have you on the dance floor before you know it.”

“This song is my new obsession. Somewhere between Electric Guest and Miike Snow, “White Lies” by Max Frost rocks this electronic quasi-falsetto sound that for me was an an instant download after the first 20 seconds. Frost, who is from Austin, Texas, debuted his talents at SXSW back in March and has been playing shows in various venues in Texas since. If you listen to his soundcloud, it sounds like this electronic vibe in “White Lies” is a more recent musical development; about a year ago he posted some really rad hip hop collaborations with Kydd, another Austin-native. If you’re like me and you love “White Lies,” then check out his soundcloud, and follow him on Facebook and Twitte”

“Max Frost is out of Austin, TX. Perfect title for this song. Definitely great Sunday crusin' music.”

“Max Frost tells "White Lies" that are ready for a radio takeover Name: Max Frost Featured track: "White Lies," featured on CultureMap's Texas Showcase Sampler Country/City of origin: Austin, Texas Genre: Funk In one sentence: Frost's "White Lies" is a catchy, well-produced take on funk-soul; currently housed in the Saxon Pub, this sound is ready for a radio takeover. Why we chose him: Max Frost is much more than a pretty local face with a built-for-the-stage name, and SXSW will prove that. With two showcases (an original scheduled at Saxon Pub and a late addition at Meduse Lounge), Frost's soulful sound (it's not as chilly as his surname) could see a big break. Frost will surprise you — his brand of ever-soulful funk is mature beyond his tender years. SXSW official showcases: Friday, March 15 at Saxon Pub, Saturday, March 16 at Meduse Lounge (SXSW Free Show)”

“Keeping the best for last, newcomer Max Frost enters the arena with a homerun. Good looks, check! Great song, check! If you want to get noticed, this is the way to do it.”

“[English - web translation] Songwriter, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Max Frost of Texas (USA) piece "White Lies" brings light funk sounds, although tracks words, far from being not funny. By the way, the beginning and the singer unveiled a new video clip for the song "Nice and Slow", which you can view below.”

“Max Frost has a Fitz and the Tantrums thing going on in White Lies, the bluesy man-sass reminiscent of Fitz. This song just has this catchy chorus of suspicion that's sung in a jazzy voice you want to drink up. And the music is all slinky, too, like it's catching a cat with feathers in its mouth. It's just a song that makes you feel real saucy. -- Glitter Pox rating: 80% contagious -- Hope you catch it, The Glitter Pox”

“I have a hunch Max Frost is a name you might be hearing quite a bit about soon. Up-and-coming and set to perform during SXSW this year, the native Austinite singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist is nothing less than a musical chameleon. Frost dances the line between blues, hip-hop, pop, and soul effortlessly and with obvious skill, so much so that I’ve almost forgotten that these genre distinctions ever existed in the first place. “Brand New Day” is undeniably one of the most contagiously catchy songs I’ve heard in a while. Beginning like a soulful confession with obvious gospel roots, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more perfect carefree driving song to get you through those early mornings commutes when all you really want to do is turn around and drive full speed towards the nearest beach. Max’s debut album Basement set to release soon. In the meantime, find him on Facebook and Twitter.”

“[Lithunanian] Dainų kūrėjas, atlikėjas, prodiuseris, multi-instrumentalistas Maxas Frostas iš Teksaso (JAV) kūrinyje „White Lies“ įneša lengvų funk garsų, nors dainos žodžiai, toli gražu, nėra smagūs. Beje, mėnesio pradžioje atlikėjas pristatė ir naują vaizdo klipą dainai „Nice and Slow“, kurį galite peržiūrėti apačioje.”

“This month's music video comes courtesty of Max Frost, an Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter whose chill hip-hop sound blends smooth vocals with rap lyrics. Following our recent summer-themed promotions, his video "Sunday Driving" captures the essence of summer in a unique way. Inspired while sitting in traffic, he came up with the idea of driving around town picking up random people, having them join him for a ride accompanied by his song and the result is a perfect blend of music & video - so sit back, relax and enjoy this awesome, spontaneous ride!”

“Being that it’s Sunday, this seems like the perfect choice. Every once in a while you catch yourself posted at your house on a Sunday bored with nothing to do.. Frost has the perfect solution. Just jump in your car and go for a little Sunday Drive. Kydd is featured in this song and lays down a smooth little in-and-out at the end that really gets this songs stuck in your head for days. Enjoy.”

“VIDEO: MAX FROST - MY WALK The LNS Crew singer, songwriter, and producer Max Frost drops a new video for his song "My Walk"”

“We've selected your video "Sunday Driving" as our video of the month.”

“Max Frost's latest track, "White Lies," is steeped in soul.”

“Tuesday night at Frank the hot dogs and beer music venue around the corner from what soon will no longer be Antone’s. Max Frost .... and his funk band that, yes, features his guitar riffs – but also his strong vocals and even stronger lyrics....The crowd was really into the music – and so are the SXSW kingmakers. Max already had an official showcase at The Saxon Pub at 1:00 am on Friday the 15th and now he has another – at Meduse Lounge on Saturday the 16th at 8:00 pm.”

"This man has an amazing voice, check out his track Brand New Day for that! And a pretty talented crew surrounding him too. I think its the old soul like parts of Max Frost's song that gets me sucked into this song, and then in comes Max Frost with his killer verse.... And I'm sold. This song actually reminds me a lot of Seth Sentry's Waitress Song :) If I were you, I would watch this dude really closely, cause I think he's going to be pretty big!"

“Here’s the latest single from a an up & coming Singer/ Songwriter / Producer/ outta Austin,Texas by the name of Max Frost, this smooth, mellow and soulful record features the homie Kydd titled “Sunday Driving”, this record right here is officially the Sunday cruising anthem!”

“Max Frost – Nice and Slow [Video] Something really dope to start this Monday off with. Max Frost delivers thoroughly with this new joint, Im a new fan for sure.”

“SoulFULL. Max Frost and Kydd team up once again for the former’s latest single with the visual being provided once again by none other than Jordan Haro. Get this! The song has a story AND the video has a plot! Kudos to these guys for their creativity. After watching the first video put together by this trio, we’ve come to expect a higher standard from them, and they don’t disappoint.”

“Up and coming Austin artists Max Frost and Kydd came together to create "Sunday Driving," a bluesy, hip hop-laden ode to the time-honored tradition of the lazy Sunday. The two cruise through town in a Bentley convertible (hijacked from the Uchiko valet) picking up a diverse cast of characters along the way that includes a priest, young women, old women, Patrick Terry (of P. Terry's), dogs, homies from the neighborhood, etc. The video was directed by Austin-born filmmaker Jordan Haro.”

“(listed in) The 50 Other Bands You Need to Hear from SXSW 2013 SXSW is still a pretty good barometer for what's next: … fun., The Lumineers,.. Ed Sheeran, all three played SXSW last year on the undercard. Ten months later, they weren't just Grammy-nominated, but also playing the freakin' telecast. Year in and out, the SXSW schedule is the year's best tipsheet for new music. Period. What follows is a 50-song playlist to help you map your journey into the abyss … The emphasis is on great songs. …. acts with recent, brand-new, or forthcoming singles or albums worth hearing, whether you're going to SXSW or not.”

“Max Frost is ... an ATX Force to be reckoned with!”

“[Frankie Lee] This is dope a track check it out ..."”

“I was really feeling Max Frost as he put down some cool verses amidst a funked out back drop along some prime beach front scenery.”

"Austin, TX guitar player and singer/songwriter Max Frost lets loose of the visual for his latest collaboration with fellow Texas native Kydd. We were introduced to the producer/rapper from his Pac Div featured feel-good track "Now & Then," and have since been hip to his movement. Really digging the production on this, as Frost provides a jazzy, soulful backdrop for the two Austinites to flow over effortlessly."

“[Sunday Driving] A chill, summery song that sounds like it should be the soundtrack for a summer montage. Perfect for the middle of February in Buffalo.”