Max Allen Band / Press

“....it is a pleasure to come across this album and the Max Allen Band. “Ending Sun” encompasses a lot of different moods, but the focus on intelligent, well-crooned lyrics and smoldering guitar prove to be quite effective."”

"....anyone who can use the words "panties" and "feng shui" in the same sentence and make it work in a song, is a great lyricist in my book."

"… tremendous musical skill and a fearless innovative approach to songwriting and performing.... This is a jam band the way jam bands are supposed to sound. They give us all hope for the next generation of touring bands.”

Honey Sepeda - Boulder Home of the Blues Newsletter

“Their well-honed skills allow them to push the musical envelope within a finely-constructed framework…constantly working your brain over with instrumental acrobatics…..these guys can really play the daylights out of their instruments”

“Through it all, however, Allen’s guitar virtuosity is the star……… his playing stands out in a big way. He can alternately jump from sweet jazz licks to roaring blues to non-wanky rock leads. It’s a delight to hear him play, and to be certain, Allen will be around for many years to come.”

Dylan Gibbs - News 4U - Evansville Entertainment Magazine