Mauro Florean / Press

“GASOLINE BAND: Elettracoustic Shots by Mauro Florean's GASOLINE BAND Cd of January 2005 in the broadcast "Giro del tempo" Radio Popolare Network /RAPPRESAGLIA: "...a band that never misses a gig..." Max Rozzo - troublezine.it "It's hard to find some weakness in "Sopravvissuti", on the contrary the opening five songs are at the highest degree. Survivors (in Italian: Sopravvissuti), yes, but as good as few others are." G.S. - Mucchio Selvaggio " If you love punk rock, you must buy this." rockon.it /THE FLOREANS: Three At The Price Of Four ... Drummer Mauro Florean keeps the rhythm driving no matter where Schonbeck points the tune and what the two of them don't accomplish is rounded out by Grammy nominated producer Scott Mathews, who took on the band after hearing their Italian debut.”

Shaun Dale