Maureen Russell / Press

“...her voice rings like we imagine heaven to sound...the world should grasp her talent and get her on the radio for all the world to hear...”

Lowell Marin - Professional Guitar Player, NYC

“Maureen is a singer's singer, possessing a glorious voice and amazing versatility. Whatever the style or mood, she grabs hold of a song, makes it her own, and dazzles the listener with its beauty”

Felicia Michael - Lead singer-The Blue Yodels

“A stunning performer-a magnificent voice.”

Patrick Gilheany - Enterntainment Manager for An Beal Bocht, Arlene's Grocery, NYC

“A must-see live performance, she captivates an audience. Step away from the auto-tune kids-here's someone who can actually sing.”

Chris Parnell - VP Drama Development Sony TV