Maureen Lupo Lilanda / Press

“AFRO jazz singer and songwriter Maureen Lupo Lilanda last Friday thrilled show-goers when she performed at this year’s Mkushi District Agricultural and Commercial Show. The award-winning writer, with her five-man band, was in her best mood such that once she took to the stage, scores of excited show-goers thronged the area where she was performing. Mumba was the first song she performed much to the delight of the people at the agricultural and commercial show. Those at the show included Mkushi North lawmaker Ingrid Mphande and Central Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Ronald Sinyangwe. Among the songs Lilanda churned were Mwana Wanga, Uchenjela, Mwana ah Lelila Bawishi, Kawelo, Umoyo Wanga and Joyce Nyirongo’s hit song Mate.”

“AFRO jazz singer and songwriter Maureen Lupo Lilanda, best known for her song Mumba and gracing national events, yesterday performed at a charity event for United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Solwezi to benefit refugee children and the aged. The fundraising dinner dance was organised by UNHCR Zambia in the context of commemorating World Refugee Day, which was held under the theme 50 Years of Hospitality: Offering a New Beginning. Proceeds from the fundraising dinner dance will go towards refugee children and the aged in the two settlements of Maheba and Mayukwayukwa. According to a statement by UNHCR, the agency decided to fundraise for the aged and child refugees because of the special needs and challenges they encounter in the face of limited resources.”

“IF HOW well one performs with a live band is a test of how great a musician they are, then everybody that performed at the Siavonga music festival last weekend falls in that category. All roads led to Siavonga's Eagles Rest and Lake Safari Lodge where a colourful music festival took place during the Easter period. Last year, a similar event dubbed Kariba music festival was held and it was successful but served only as a harbinger to this year's event. The performances were splendid, and the turnout was bigger than last year's. On Friday night, Mumba Yachi, Pompi, J.Bus and the veteran Maureen Lilanda alongside her daughter, Chileshe set the ball rolling for the three-day celebrations organised by Bongwe Safaris.”

“The function is meant to showcase the best of Africa in all its forms and on Saturday, it did just that. Seasoned Afro-centric musician Maureen Lupo Lilanda was on hand to provide entertainment at the event. She sang her timeless classics like Mumba and jazzed up the night with her renditions of old jazz songs. Maureen proved why she is called Mama Maureen by many in the industry; her performances are always flawless and choosing her as one of the main acts was a good decision by the organisers.”

“There is very little doubt that Zambia's super diva Maureen Lupo Lilanda is this country's most successful female artiste. Her massive international exposure over the years since taking up music in the late 1970s has moulded this charming song bird into what she is today. Seeing her perform at various music festivals, reveals alot about this artiste who has exhibited alot of influence which has left many lovers of her music much more satisfied. She is one of the few local song birds in addition to Violet Kafula of the Mwe Balume Bandi fame, Anna Mwale with her songs, Buku Langa and Kwacha Ngwee as well as, New York based Muriel Mwamba singing, Kalulu (tukafunde Mpapa bakalanga umwakuya), who at one time or another, made an impact on the Zambian music scene. But for Lupo, she is still going on and at a much more accelerated pace to which the sky is her limit.”

Ben Phiri in Ndola, Times of Zambia - Maureen Lilanda: Zambia's Super Diva

“The incomparable Maureen Lilanda also continues to show why she is without peer as one of the Zambia's finest singers. Maureen in the company of her daughter Chileshe, and the band fascinated fans throughout their performance. It's clear that Chileshe, 20, a law student at the University of Zambia, is following her mother's footsteps and may one day become as acclaimed as her mother with her salient vocals and dance moves. The two performed old favorites such as Mumba, Uchenjele, Oliye and a cover version of Adele's Someone like you, to the delight of many. Patrons even protested when the duo left the stage, demanding, "We want more! We want more!"”

“FANTASTIC! Fabulous! Amazing! Wonderful! Beautiful! are some of the words patrons used to describe the first-ever Kariba Music Festival held in Siavonga last weekend. Eagles Rest Resort was the location for the memorable festival that took place over the Easter holiday. Zambia's top musical talents including veteran Maureen Lupo Lilanda, Mutinta, Cactus Agony, Mumba Yachi, Impi, Mathew Tembo, Salma Dodia, Scarlet, Shadrach, Namvula, and Kapiri Mposhi Top Rank Suite among others put up charismatic and spirited performances during the three-day festival.”

“Zambia’s songbird Maureen Lupo Lilanda has expressed happiness that African music is being appreciated in most developed nations such as in the United States of America. In an interview with ZANIS, Maureen said it was important for Zambians to realise that they have all it takes to put Zambia on the world map if only they set their minds and priorities right. She encouraged African artists to continue working hard in order to achieve their dreams. Maureen explained that she has learnt a lot from the just ended Interfusion Music Summit such as how to integrate with artists of different cultures.”

“Mwana Wanga is performed by legendary Maureen Lilanda for the Develop Zambia 10101 music compilation,an initiative of the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development(ZISD) to raise funds and awareness for its Breaking the Chains of Poverty in Zambia scholarship program. It is undoubtly the biggest Zambian charity music compilation with artists such as Exile, Maureen Lilanda, JOB, Winston Moyo singing songs on HOPE.A staff funded Zambian initiative for Zambians. It is our way of expressing our love for country. Zambian + Proud (10101nomaone).”

“Well, via our work at the reception, we met and grooved to the amazing unplugged vocal styling of Maureen Lupo Lilanda aka Aunty Maureen, . . . a true Diva in Zambian & World Beat music. Like everyone else in attendance, I became A New Fan of Ms. Maureen's!”

Glynn David Harris

“Zambian singer Maureen Lupo Lilanda entertains the Clovis Ethnic Fair crowd Saturday morning with her rendition of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” ”

“Suite Lilanda (musikc trad/M..Lilanda, arr P. Moberg) For vocalist and symphony orchestra. Preferably played with Zambian singer Maureen Lupo Lilanda as soloist. The piece is an arrangement of a traditional Zambian song and one of Maureen's own compositions. ”

“Maureen Lilanda was a regular performer at Café d’Afrique, and generously contributed four songs to the CD ‘The Music of the Café d’Afrique’ : Mumba, Mwaabuka, Anioni Ni Bani and Anweba.”

Tineke Van der Eecken

“Recorded in Denmark, Soul Masala is a twelve-track album, comprising a fusion of indigenous Zambian traditional instruments such as the mtyangala (mouth bow), with western instruments. The media was treated to three songs from the forthcoming album, Lile and the soulful ballad I Do, as well a DVD presentation of Lilanda performing Mabaaba with the Malmo Orchestra of Sweden. The Lile music video was directed by Dominic Chisembele. ”

“First it was B Flow now its Slap Dee. Maureen Lilanda is on that 'she the young stars love' . Check out her new song with Slap Dee Iyi Nyimbo..... and Kawilo Reloaded_B Flow ft Maureen Lilanda and Danny.”

“Her music is warm, vibrant, and soulful; she covers decades of African inspiration but is nicely grounded in her motherland Zambia. Some of her songs are home grown – they are a piece of Zambian soil, traditional music that has been through a musical blender of jazz, soul and various African music styles such as rumba, kisumba, kalendula, and even mbalax. Other songs are from Maureen’s own hand, African contemporary, soul ballads, pop and reggae. For the past twenty years she has travelled extensively both locally and internationally consistently grabbing the attention of listeners and fans. Broadening her musical genres from a subdued cabaret-jazz singer to an African vocalist, Maureen blends modern beats and rhythms with authentic sounds from Zambia. ”

“Maureen Lupo Lilanda says the music industry has potential to contribute to Zambia's economic development if well established. In an interview, Lilanda said the music industry was capable of creating employment opportunities, especially among the youth................... "Let's try to commit ourselves to compose music that is really issue-based. The music that will promote the rights of the people, the music which will preach peace and love and also the music which will unite people regardless the tribes," added Lilanda.”