Matt Romero / Press

“Regarding the track 'Love and the Aliens' off Matt's self-titled album "Very cool track! Interesting theme, and such a unique sound; definitely poppy and catchy, but it also stands alone; nice job! Drums are tight, not too clear; lets hear that back beat! The bass is present, could use a bit more definition, but it works for this type of track. The guitars sounds very nice; you can hear the subtleties, the tones don't clash, and they help set both the melody and the rhythm. The vocal sample of the syllables is a great effect; it definitely completes the sound, and gives the track its unmistakable feel. Cool tune! Cool video as well! Just make sure it doesnt become mono tone or repetitive; keep it fresh and exciting!"”

“*About the track "Putting It Back Together"* Great track! Cool vibe; lo-fi, but still energetic, upbeat and fun; very nice! Drums are tight, not too clear in parts though; bass is present and defined; I just want to hear that back beat! Guitars are full sounding, clear and tonally both work well together. You can hear all the subtleties if you want, which I like. Vocals are strong, a little transparent and airy, but it works for this kind of music! Other then maybe a mix job, its a well rounded track! I would like to hear more harmonies/call and response though; very cool part!”

“Awesome track! Love the rhythm and melodies you create; full sounding and unique. Drums are clear and tight; bass could use more definition though, just so the low end is represented and identifiable. The synths take center stage though; layered sounds, but you can still pinpoint the synth you want to listen to. Vocals are on key and you always stay within range; the style changes, which adds progression, as well a sense of structure. The rhythm is great; it feels slow, but everything is working double time. A very cool track!”

“On "To Scream & To Fly" -- Very cool track! Indie lo-fi, but with aspects of experimental and progressive; great sound! Drums are tight, not too clear, but it works for this track. The bass is defined and out in front, maybe a bit much so; the bass tones dominate a little bit. The piano is full and deep; it has a bit of a dark overtone, which adds to the whole feel of the song. The vocals are very cool; alot of different styles, and within all of them, you do stay in key and keep it strong. Such a unique song, definitely different from whats out there! The only thing I would suggest it so try and re-mix, see if anything sounds a bit clearer.”

“(On the new single 'Cellophane') Man this is funky! Like if The Flaming Lips went punk! I can hear all the instruments clearly, and the mix is full and well represented. Progression and structure are definitely present. The chorus is catchy, but its a little ant-chorus; meaning the rest of the song is more hype then the chorus! Strong song.”

“I’m not quite sure what to make of this album. It’s some kind of indie-rock, that’s for sure. The kind that’s thick with synth-claps, space-age sound effects, and the syrupy veneer of electro-pop, but still rife with punk-rock’s appreciation for gritty electric guitars and its contempt for studio perfection. There’s some funky acoustic guitar riffage thrown in the mix, as well. Call this indie omelet whatever you want. It’s harmless fun. The recording itself is a bit flat for my taste. Those drums could use some more muscle. That bass, too, could use some more girth. But hey, it is what it is: lo-fi music that’s just beggin’ to be danced to. I can hardly fault the songwriting for being superficial filler either. I mean, this is pop music, right? (Album review for Matt Romero's The Modern)”

“This oddly danceable EP is full of quirky, slightly angular jazzy melodies, yet disguised in such innocuously sweet melodies are some pretty twisted and cynical lyrics.”