“Freely formed, flowing guitar and lyrics is a voice that defines Matt Mead and his latest album—“Embers.” Ranging from rock ballads to truly melodic alternative, Matt Mead strides forward with a fiery free spirit, armed with the soul of a genuine songwriter.”

“Fans of artists like Marc Cohn, James Taylor, and Josh Kelley will find much to enjoy when listening to the nine tracks on Embers. Matt Mead has a keen eye for detail and the ability to aptly capture little moments and nuances in his verses. Mead comes across as a seasoned observer of the world.”

“Ah the acoustic life - there's nothing more pure or to the point musically in my opinion. This particular night I caught the tail end of a set by Matt Mead which was quite good in the most organic sense; just a man, his voice and his guitar. Solid, heartfelt tuneage.”

Alan Tecchio - Steppin' Out