Matt King and Killing Streets / Press

"Matt King writes and sings songs that are so achingly true to life that they make you want to cry, or ball up your fists, or burn something down. He writes and sings not in silly cliches about a South that no longer is, but about the scourges of my modern South, about meth and layoffs and men and women grabbing for their last hope. And somehow, it makes it a joy to hear."

Rick Bragg, Author of "Ava's Man" and "All Over But The Shouting"

“In the cracks between mournful mountain music, bright bluegrass and straight-up rock, North Carolina native Matt King has found a unique style that fits his tales of backwoods saints and sinners. All tattoos and attitude, King has a smooth, rolling tenor that makes him sound convincing when he croons about falling for the devil's daughter, dirt floor meth labs, mountain justice....”

New York Post

"Matt King is a helluva musician and songwriter. As a performer, he delivers better than Fedex. When you finally go numb from the ubiquitous cyborg drone that passes for music these days, listen to Matt King. Your ears will thank you"

Robert Earl Keen

“ "Matt King has a voice that cuts to the core of the soul.  His voice reminds me alot of the late Lefty Frizzell and Keith Whitley."”

Patty Loveless

"the southern gothic rocker sounds part revivalist preacher, part carnival barker...

USA Today

"The lead-off track to Matt’s brilliant new CD Rube, is a declaration of independence if I’ve ever heard one."

Robert K. Oermann

"Matt King?  Brilliant, visionary, brave, accomplished, gritty, troubadouring story telling carny, handsome charming good boy, bad ass outsider, changeling. Talented, hardworking, captivating, powerful."

Mary Gauthier