Matt Jasper / Press

“His distinctive voice, combined with more straightforward singer-songwriter backdrops on "No Secret" or "Amanda," builds a tension that's kind of like David Byrne singing Jason Mraz songs, an odd, seemingly ill-advised pairing, that Jasper makes work.”

"Quite Prolific"

Chris Collingwood - Fountains of Wayne

“Matt Jasper is the undisputed king of a new type of music termed “Nice Guy Rock” which is an off-shoot of “geek rock” or “polite rock.” His new album Bored Games released two months ago continues his winning streak of witty tunes. His songs are pure representations of himself without any embellishments or falsities. A musician like this is extremely rare in today’s world and should be praised for his determination and will.”

"Matt Jasper conveys the passion of someone eager to be more than a by-the-books singer-songwriter. He writes what he feels and plays what he knows, delivering a sound that is sincere and to-the-point. Time will tell if that undeniable drive brings him the acclaim and attention he deserves."

Darren Paltrowitz - Moving In Stereo