Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles / Press

"He reminds me of Tom Petty. Not in any "hey, this guy's ripping off Tom Petty" kind of way, but just cause it reminds me of him. Maybe it's because they rock and roll pretty hard, and at the right moments."

Indie Rock Reviews

“I think Matt Hopper just writes great, timeless rock songs. Period. Even better, he writes great rock songs and sprinkles them with a healthy dose of noisy experimentation.He proved it over and over again at Silver Moon."”

Ben Salmon - Bend Bulliten

"The new record promises to offer a bit more of the same, along with the rawness of his classic rock influences like Tom Petty and Elvis Costello."


"He reminds me a great deal of Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin who impress crowds during both acoustic (including alt-country and folk) and rock and roll gigs."

Ryan's Smashing Blog

“There's a little something for everyone in Matt Hopper's discography; he knows how to get happy with a sensual buildup, and he can speak the down-tempo and heartbreaking truth, too.”

Nicole Browner - California Aggie

"[Matt Hopper's] prolific writing ability coupled with a love of both classic rock and folk make it easy to see why he is frequently compared to artists such as Ryan Adams and Elliott Smith. ”

Nevada Sagebrush

"Alaska native Matt Hopper has the appeal and talent of a quintessential American singer-songwriter. He writes earnest alt-countrified songs that are pop without being clichéd and delicate without being sappy"

LA Weekly

"A singer-songwriter of the highest caliber"

Amy Atkins - Boise Weekly

"Alaska's Finest"

Abby White - Performing Songwriter