Matt Hopkins / Press

“Seven Strings, is a band to keep an eye on. A few of their fans' favorite original songs are "When Angels Cry", "You Said You Loved Me", and "Too Many Love Songs". they are climbing the charts of the most requested songs locally, nationally, and worldwide. ”

" Seven Strings, GinoAddington lead vocals/rhythm guitar)Travis Fulton lead guitar Jay Siegert bass guitar Matt Hopkins drums .The band performed originals including Losing My Mind,Voice, Angels Cry, did a cover of Creeds "Higher" that was dead_on perfect.Seven Strings has a style all there own. "

"The music takes a while to connect,but once you get into it you stay into it!Therefore they make things more immediate,more direct,to explode in your face."

Ed King - Entertainment News-Santa Fe Tx.

“Matt Hopkins is also somewhat of a fire bug.At the end of the show,the band disapeered with a flash.He learned from the professionals how to do this safely,and puts on a show,when the clubs allow it".”

Andrea Miller - Music News -Houston Tx.

"Matt Hopkins timing is evidence of the dedication and passion he puts into his work,and should not be overlooked"