Matthias aka "Mr. 16 Bars" / Press

“Matthias is an independent Hip Hop artist from North Philadelphia. An ex Army soldier, he completed two tours in Iraq. He often flows about social issues like reintegrating back into civilian life in a poor urban environment.”

"This is another military artist on the move. He focuses on positive messages as well as producing catchy hooks to relate to issues that are happening in today’s world. Like him or not, you have to respect an artist who takes a non-traditional approach."

"Taking hip hop back to the essence of beats and rhymes, this album gives you a glimpse of life as a soldier and the struggles of growing up in the inner city streets. The Illmatic of today!"

"Other artists are just content with being entertainers, while an artist such as Matthias, wants to challenge people as individuals with the hope to bring the best out of them!"

““My goal is to make it on the cover of Billboard Magazine, The Source, and Spin,” he explains. The fame isn’t all he is focused on though, “my aspiration is to create honest and sincere dialogue in hip-hop.” If you’re on the East Coast this fall, look up one of his shows and see for yourself what that dialogue is all about.”

“War veteran turned hip-hop artist Matthias aims to elevate Philly's Music Scene”

“From Philadelphia's north side to the US Army then back to the streets, Matthias aka Mr 16 Bars is ready to bring Hip Hop back to its roots with his video for Popular. Set on the streets of Philly, Popular gives you the feeling of when Hip Hop made you feel like every song was made especially for you, actually touched your emotions, and forced you to anticipate the next joint that would take the first place spot in the shoe box that housed all of your latest cassettes. Boom bap beats and a catchy sample in no way diminish Matthias' potent lyrics about loving life and enjoying the popularity that comes with being a dope MC on this one. Popular is one of two videos that Matthias currently has in rotation and with his current project, The Forgotten garnering a nice amount of attention right now, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from this Golden Aged True Schooler in the future. Check the video and let us know what you think...Jones! ”

“Mathias is bringin’ some fresh flows with his new track “Popular”. He had us with “I feel like a young Q-Tip, I’ll dig in your ear”. This song is definitely infectious! It’s the second release off his debut album The Forgotten.”

“Director Dedoceo Habi's creates a new online tv show called Cases The Series. Featuring music from On Da Ave's own Matthias aka "Mr. 16Bars". Also checkout his video Combat Stress at the end of the episode.”

“My Review of Matthias All-Bars new album, FORGOTTEN. Matthias is a 30 something spiritually grounded Christian from North Philadelphia. In this album Matthias, takes allow you to take a look into his heart and mind after 2 tours of duty in two wars. He talks about his thoughts and fears while fighting for his country in a foreign land. He talks his faith, love lost, success and failure. He also expresses his frustration and anger at the current state of youth in his hometown Philadelphia. He has a melodic CL smooth, Qtip style flow with 14 bangin tracks with a lot of nice samples . It reminds you of the 90's when hip-hop was hip-hop. But don't get it twisted also has a track for the "goons", just to let you know what it aint sweet. And for the party goers he has 2 dance tracks to show his range. All and all I have to say this is one of the best independent projects I've ever heard, very professional, you can tell a lot of time a hard work went into this project. It's definitely worth t”

Lamont Maxx - Philadelphia Comic

“Philadelphia Veteran Using Music To Help Self and Others”

“If you keep your eyes on the prize and continue to be consistent, the consistency in the long run will pay off. The race is not to swift, but to him that endures (Bible). That is the nature of the Hip Hop game.”