Matthew Phoenix / Press

“Hey Matthew, clever tunes and catchy lyrics! Just what I like to hear. This is what record companies should be looking at! All the best..”

James Ferris - Reverbnation - Artist

“I love your music I will share it on twitter and facebook . I added you on my facebook. You are definitely cool Stay in touch xx.little boy blue love it”

Rachelle Ann - Reverbnation -Artist

“Hey man Great songs, vocals and arranging. Very cool oool stuff esp. !-Little bo0y blue Cheers The Morse”

The Morse - Reverbnation - Artist

“Hi there:) Thanks so much for the support:)!!There is so much talent here..voice is amazing,and the whole band!!!I really enjoyed listening to your music:)**I wish you lots of success:) Keep the passion!!!God Bless** --JL”

Jennifer Lauren - Reverbnation -Artist

“Thank you so so much,your music is awesome, would love to create with you!”

Belinda Metz - Facebook

“You have a beautiful voice, heartfelt lyrics and first class playing, I really enjoy your music, you are a powerful artist. Fly high my dear, T.J. Phoenix”

T.J. Phoenix - Reverbnation/Artist

“The words you write touch my very soul. in Letting go, I feel the love all around me from those who have gone. Each song takes me to a place in my heart, feelings of so long ago. What an amazing gift you have, keep the beauty coming through your music and lyrics.”

Dene Rennie - Reverbnation/Fan

“ ... very giving music and balm for the soul ... ”

celsi vane - Reverbnation/Artist

“good job Matt, listened to a few cuts, love the lyrics, brilliant!!”

Ben Goerner - Facebook artist

“Excellent music...keep up the good work..”

Jane Eamon - Facebook artist/ fan


Colette Bildfell - Facebook Fan

"Awesome voice,Great songs!"

Jackie Yetseaux - Facebook Fan

“Hey Matthew...I am sitting here listening to your songs, as I write. I have to say you have some great tunes here. I am sure we are going to hear them on the radio soon! Good stuff.”

Pauline Kyllonen - Facebook artist fan

“After listening to the entire album I was struck by the direct channel you have opened to your soul, each phrase a sharing of the knowledge gained through clear perception. " Letting Go " made me cry. A true beauty from the heart of a gentle and compassionate poet..”

Birger Jenson - Facebook Fan

“Hello Matthew!...Just kicking back checking out your music. Nice work! -Keep making great music. Peace!”

GUITAR SAL - Reverbnation

“Thanx Matthew, I had a listen...good stuff,keep it up Cheers! Randal”

Randal Frew - Facebook Friends

“I like it You have a good talent. ”

-Randy Rauck - Facebook Friends

“You are so multi-talented....it blows me away. Your songs are fabulous! I will certainly share wherever and with whomever I can. You are destined for greatness! ”

Heidi Kirschner - Fan

“I just wanted to let you know,, your CD is officially my new favorite Cd...”

-Joanne Schlachter - Fan

“Wow!!!! What incredible voice, and the lyrics are catchy too. I hear American Idol calling.”

Allen Wilfong - Fan

“I really admire your talent..”

Justin Cooper - Facebook Friends

“Matthew... Thanks for the great tunes...'Road to Me' resounds deepest to me.”

Kurt Phillips - Facebook Friends

“Good sounding Music, nice voice. ”

Dave Favel - Facebook Friends

“Thank you. What a great gift!”

Nadine Staaf - Facebook Friends

“That's good stuff!!”

Jeff Ashe - Facebook

“Hey Matthew, just checked out some of your stuff.....great freakin' voice buddy and some very hooky tunes. Best of luck with everything.”

Shiraz Tayyab - Facebook

“We are listening to 'what would love do' and it is AWESOME! You are a fantastic! Thank you for sharing with me :)”

Shelley Davies Shoenne - Facebook Friends