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"The Turk" owns crushing guitar sounds, yet still displays Malmsteenian influences.

“The entire album is off the hook.”

"This guy's a tremendous guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He's just awesome."

"It's Musically Delicious" Lacy Darryl Phillips KCLA FM

“Check him OUT...this is SUPERB energy!!!! He’s got guitar chops that go far beyond “just metal”...”

“So wonderful to hear from you!!!! Such superb guitar work in "Falling" Wonderful song with a great feel!!! Best Wishes in 2011! Very talented!! Jan 09”

DestinationDawn - ReverbNation


Richie Auriemma - ReverbNation

“Beautiful guitar playing Matthew~! 5 stars here...”

Christine Bayens - ReverbNation

“Your guitar playing on 'The Turk' is giving me goosebumps...”

Aqualyra - ReverbNation

“Some of the sweetest riffs I've ever heard. The proverbial "tip of the hat to you" Sir Matthew”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation


Rey Lopez - ReverbNation

“Your music is fantastic, I loved it! And you're a great guitar player, for sure!”

Alfredo Dias Gomes - ReverbNation

“The mistress is really good stuff. Its heavy, slow, stompy and grimey with soft psychedelia. Nice one.”

Oli from Pearl Handled Revolver - ReverbNation

“'The Mistress' is sick. Love it. Keep it up!”

Jane Collymore - ReverbNation

“It's impossible to pick one tune to comment on....I honestly love each & every one of them. Seriously great guitar work & stellar vox my man...”

Richie Auriemma - ReverbNation

“The Turk is added to my favs - good stuff mate, wanna hear more...”

Phonic Submission - ReverbNation

“Baddass grind,hard hittin beat,and awesome vocals bro!! We lovin it!”

I.R.L (In Real Life) - ReverbNation

“YO Matthew, hardbanging riffy mistress attack!! She evil, man !! Good f**king tunes, dude, really!”

The Physicists - ReverbNation

“Really diggin your tunes - powerful, with plenty of atmosphere - just the way I like it!”

Fetal Zombie - ReverbNation

“Awesomely wild guitar work...Hats off !”

Lunarian - ReverbNation

“Wow! Dig your new tune! Very powerful and great overall production...love the sound effects, your vocals and strong powerful chords!!!”

DestinationDawn - ReverbNation