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Matthew Johnston / Press

“Organic, integral, original. Music with its heart in the right place. . .”

“There's an intensely natural and organic quality to your voice that adds a sense of authenticity — excellent musicianship, fantastic diversity. Thanks for sharing and keep writin' the good song!”

“You are an artist, Matthew [and Genevieve]. Incredibly original and poetic...socially conscious and eclectic. Love what you are doing...music and vocal performance as real art. Wonderfully done. Much respect for your work...awakened and aware. Keep doing what you do.”

“When you, dear listener, are ready for a tour of the outer-rim of concepts and melody...press "play".”

"Canadian Dream" Album is a masterpiece of soul searching, quite unavailable to music listeners today...not a note, pause or vocalization is without effect or meaning...Haunting and timeless earth sounding strings and ethereal vocals reveal the raw and gut wrenching sound of one persons willing descent into a personal purgatory and examination of psyche and sole. Not just the Canadian Dream, but that of all who are trying to come to terms with a society increasingly losing its soul to the allures of technology, consumerism, and self gratification...A call to receive the experience of the human spirit...A humanistic viewpoint driven home by the fact that all proceeds from album sales will be donated to charity.

“The epitome of great artistry! Wonderfully eclectic! ...I am a fan for life”

“Absolute pure soul music...totally fantastic! Speaks to the heart and soul in indescribable ways. This entire compilation is beyond words or description. One hit of the Dragon, and it's jolly flashback time for all. "Amethyst"...my logic is reduced to shambles, perfect lead into "Dragon"...totally speechless...a time to celebrate the end of commercial "art" and the rebirth of the spirit...sanctuary for the soul! The acoustic earth sound/vocals/lyrics stir the soul...pure sound and spirit instilled...feels nice.. "Where Music Comes From"..it's like the bridge from where we are, to where we want to be..from sublime thought, to realisation...music as a medium of the soul..."Peace be With Us"..the sound of a soul coming to grips w/the reality of the spirit..bringing order out of chaos..incredible!! Peace, love, God bless...and shine on!!!”

“Wise man on the corner howling great words to the passers by. Reflections of melancholy and a hint of scorching soulful radiation...like Robert Johnson at the crossroads wailing.”

“I feel like you put your whole heart and soul into your songs.”

"Spirit Is This Your Angel" passionate acoustic and vocal Matthew! So.

“Wow. Taking it where no man has gone before. Not quite sure…..way over yonder. whew.”

“I'm LOVIN Ur music; really nice, distinctive, emotive stripped back, psychedelic acoustic sound, & real passion, & pain comes across not just in Ur vocal delivery, but also in Ur guitar playing; also really nice poetry in Ur lyrics! I espesh enjoyed "Starlight Walks," lovely imagery! :)”

“The music is very groovy and very trippy. I'm loving it!”

“The Soul Song is really emotional, it comes from very inside the soul. Wow. You know how to emanate feelings!”

“Wow! Absolutely love the tone on "Dragon In The Woods"...awesome psychedelic swirl”

"I Struggle I Forgive" is an awesome song of raw emotions; daring to say what most people are afraid to say or even feel!!!

"Dragon in the woods" is absolutely brilliant, love the general vibe, more power to you.

“Your music is beyond my human reality...Dirt crushed in a wound, with hooks to savor the flesh of a fresh cut flower suffering beyond shadows of a reptilian mind. Such is the eviscerated thoughts of a mannequin...respect to your journey in music and life.”

“It takes courage to break all the rules.”

“Psychedelic-Rock-Alt at its best well done! A must hear for anyone who needs to step out into the light of a lost but found art form a real soul shine!!!”

“My "Old Band" is extreme! Freaky....in the best way. Love the raw emotion. I struggled all the way though.....”

“No.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fugg Yeah Matt Great Job My Friend!”

“I can tell you love what you do, put a lot of passion into your performances! Enjoyed the listen.”

“Genuine, honest, literally heart-torn music you're creating here...really love how you truly put everything into each song..it's not a fake, contrived performance style..it's recordings of moments expressing a soul..I love that vibe and rawness..”

“YES! YES! YES! Hard core Americana that pushes boundaries only tickled by the likes of Tom Waits & others who are set free.”

“Damn, My Old Band is a really awesome track. You Rock.”

“You got music in your bones! A natural born singer, and raw talent. The Record labels better hurry and sign you,”

“The uniqueness of your Music, and the Emotion you present through your vocals and unique guitar works makes you very Special ! My full respect !”

“Refreshingly raw, emotive and lo-fi!!!”

"Inside the Brave" pure emotion and love your connection to lyrics, guitar and vocal flow Matthew!

“Beautiful voice, musical moods and lyrics in your outstanding songs Matthew!!”

"Amethyst" is an interesting avant-garde piece. Very reflective!!

“Enjoying your experimental creative work, vocals & excellent guitars, something special…”

“Engaging, expressive, and inventive tracks. ”

"Save What I Believe Is Right" original and soulful work Matthew! Cool guitar work.

“Kick ass!!! Keep rocking Brutha!!”