Matthew Bistok / Press

“Hypercreative, do-everything entertainer Matthew Bistok of St. Petersburg is the ringleader of Fall On Purpose, a wildly eclectic collective of funk, ska and world-beat jam-banders. Fall On Purpose's most recent double album, Fopadelic Deerland, is available on iTunes, and Bistok has produced a steady stream of YouTube videos to market the songs and get his name and face out there as an actor. How to describe their sound? Well, they regularly play with a beatboxer, two trumpeters, a ukelele player, a tuba player, a hand percussionist, a violinist and more. Then there's his standup comedy musical revue, his solo acoustic gigs, his children's music (Coach Matt's Kid's songs "St. Pete's got every type of sound going on, you can't help but listen to a bit of everything," he said. Oh, and did we mention Bistok is also an actor? And a model? And a screenwriter? And a filmmaker? And a UPS deliveryman? "I'm a blue collar guy, man," he said. "I'm doing everything I can to support my family.”