Matt Evan Johnson / Press

“#15 in Cashbox Magazine's "Traditional Country, Outlaw, Rockabilly" Top 30 chart!”

“Big fun music! Great live!”

Perry J - Fan Feedback

“Matt is a country Dire Straits.”

Mark L - Fan Feedback

“The next Merle Haggard.”

Michael J - Fan Feedback

“Never change Matt... You are amazing in how you write your music...”

Joyce S - Fan Feedback

“Matt these are such beautiful words. Thank you for sharing I love it.”

Wanda C - Fan Feedback

“A true Country star!”

Valerie M - Fan Feedback

“Beautiful song, it's a pleasure to hear your music. Thank you very much to you. I'm going to share with my friends!!"”

Ale R - Fan Feedback

“He is different...but I like him”

Marsha C - Fan Feedback

“These guys will blow your socks off!!!”

Scott K - Fan Feedback

“Man, I love your music! I put your cd in my player and haven't taken it out, play it over and over, love it!”

Ralph M - Fan Feedback

“We know the words to your songs!”

Melissa E - Fan Feedback

“You guy's are awesome!!”

Randy N - Fan Feedback

“Man! that's some good music! definately worth the price of admission.”

Jeff Q - Fan Feedback